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JackalTV: How many kids could you take on???

(ABOVE) 1 guy vs 8 kids: There’s a fun little conversation topic that’s made the rounds lately where you ask a person how many kids they think they could take on in a life or death situation. While no one here is really out to kill (which is too bad), it’s interesting to note how easy the kids drag this guy down. If one of them had a knife he’d be worm food by 2 minutes in.

The rest of the vids are embedded after the jump!

Tito Ortiz gets fired: Tito got fired on this week’s Celebrity Apprentice – he got fooled by that Omarosa chick into accepting Team Leader duties even though Trump said the losing team’s leader would get fired. At least he doesn’t take the firing like a bitch.

Andrei Arlovski Highlight: The music is retarded, but the highlight is pretty sweet. The guys at NHB certainly know how to spice up video.

Ana Michelle Tavares vs. Kyoko Takabayashi: Good little fight from last weekend’s smackgirl that ends with a nifty triangle/arm lock. It’s not quite an armbar … some kind of elbow thing?

Dai Shuang Hai vs Mike Banayad: Art of War in China – watch a wrestler pound on some poor bastard for 5 minutes.

UFC Georges St. Pierre Interview Feb 29 2008: Here’s GSP on ‘the Hour’ with Canada’s answer to Carson Daly: George Strombolopolous

UFC RING GIRLS 2008: A nice highlight video of the UFC ring girls … some pics, lots of vids.

Justin McCully Slideshow: I’m just including this here to show you how lame it is. Dude has no video highlights so it’s just a bunch of pictures of him clowning around with his stupid haircut.

Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Xande Ribeiro Highlight: Check out the excerpts from this grappling bout. Why can’t the Janitor look half this alive in the ring for MMA fights???

Chuck Liddell All Access 3 (cars): MY GOD THIS CHACK! HE HAS THE AMAZING CAR.

Tito Ortiz gets fired

Andrei Arlovski Highlight

Ana Michelle Tavares vs. Kyoko Takabayashi

Dai Shuang Hai vs Mike Banayad

UFC Georges St. Pierre Interview Feb 29 2008


Justin McCully Slideshow

Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Xande Ribeiro Highlight

Chuck Liddell All Access 3 (cars)

  • dignan says:

    It really goes to show you what a fucking moron Trump is. Tito is nothing but punk ass druggy.

  • caspersghost says:

    That MMA Fighter vs Kids is fantastic! I love the bit where two kids grab his black belt and try and clothesline him with it. Best thing I’ve seen all week. He would have slapped the shit out of them if he was allowed to punch in the face though.

  • andres says:

    Mark coleman vs. Brock lesnar don’t belive well then fuck you suck my fat dick

  • miken says:

    Knives or not he woulda murdered those kids. They wouldn’t have gotten close enough to use the knives with his reach. They’d have to hope one of them could bury the knife in his leg while they eat a kick to the face so the rest of them could have an easier time with a wounded foe.

  • jd says:

    That interview with GSP didnt happen on Feb 29/08. This was from a while ago. George says the fight with Kieth vs Liddell was just the weekend prior.

  • Tommy says:

    Linker what happened to Tanners body? I knew he wouldn’t win but seems to me I remember a conversation where everyone here told me I was nuts when I said no way Tanner had that body back in weeks after years of abuse. What happened? He let it go again? Or was it in fact an old pic or a photoshopped one as I thought? For all Dan’s skills, all I seen him really try to do is suffocate Anderson with the hand over the mouth move. Someone should have told Dan to bring a pillow and place it over Silva’s face. Just a much better suffocation technique when applying the pillow over ones face.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    That video isn’t at all surprising. One dude against 8 kids in an enclosed space where a couple of the kids aren’t much smaller than him, and he has no way to stop them?

    I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

  • koolpaw says:

    lol one fighter vs. 8 kids is funny, Sumo has same program for fun at their local tours, it has been very popular.

    Sumo Wrestlers Versus Children

    Tavares`s submission hold should be a kind of armber, bending opponents elbow to wrong side and stretch it straight. Same effect with cross armbar(ude hishigi jyuji gatame). She used her own inside elbow to Takabayashi`s elbow instead of tummy when u try to get arm with cross armbar. i think its called “Ude hishigi hiji gatame” in Judo(elbow pit armbar or somthing like that name in English).

    Chonan tryed it against Karo too.

  • Tommy says:

    Guess Tanner couldn’t control the contrast lighting last night.

  • Ryan- Something I thought you may be interested to know, Diego and Ali are in fact still very much together. They were all over each other at UFC 82, when Diego came to sit with her right by me in the stands. And when he won she was actually standing up yelling, “thats my boyfriend!”. Seriously.