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JackalTV: Fighting?

Above- Cung Le and Douche Bag Promote Fighting: This movie looks like Step Up meets Strikeforce

More after the Jump!!!

Bas Rutten Street Defense: If you have never seen this in its actual form you are missing out on some valuable information

Bob Sapp vs Puppets: Bob Sapp isn’t really like this but he does pull of the morn very well, like Will Farrell

Tito Ortiz Music Video: I think we have seen this before on the site but I can’t get enough of the Freddy Roach interview

Ken Shamrock Meth Madness: My favorite video to come out of the internets, besides Dana’s Sexual Seduction

Joe Rogan Fear Factor Fight: Goes to show the man can fight dudes on a reality show

Drunken Mortal Combat: In the spirit of Techno Viking

Carlos Condit HL: So he lost last night but remember he is good

In case you can’t remember any Kampmann fights

  • Kampmann vs Ewin
  • Kampmann vs Pokam

Bas Rutten Street Defense

Bob Sapp vs Puppets

Tito Ortiz Music Video

Ken Shamrock Meth Madness

Ken Shamrock Meth Madness – Watch more

Joe Rogan Fear Factor Fight

Drunken Mortal Combat

Carlos Condit HL

Kampmann vs Ewin

Kampmann vs Pokam