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JackalTV: Endless Love

(Above) Fedor & Randy – Endless Love (thanks BloodyElbow): Whoever did this video is the same guy who made the ‘Shogun is a pussy’ video. I’m still not sure which one is better, but I can say for sure that they’re both very amusing.

The rest of the videos are embedded after the jump!

Affliction Clothing Commercial: Here’s a 2:30 video featuring a whole bunch of Affliction’s sponsored musicians and fighters. Some good footage in there, but fuck are those shirts terrible.

Gerard Gordeau 1991 savate fights: With awesome body leotards like that, how did savate not take over the universe?

Takayo Hashi Interview: Roxy Modafferi does another quick interview at her dojo with Takayo Hashi, who’s about to face off with Amanda Buckner in two weeks at Fatal Femmes Fighting

Mike Tyson Emotional- Part 2 of 4: Kim Couture ain’t the only one who fucked shit up for a fighter. Here’s a part out of a Mike Tyson documentary where they talk about Tyson’s wife Robin Givins taking shit over and being a bitch.

Nick Diaz vs Sean Sherk: About as entertaining a fight as you’ll ever see Sean Sherk involved with.

Affliction Clothing Commercial

Gerard Gordeau 1991 savate fights

Takayo Hashi Interview

Mike Tyson Emotional- Part 2 of 4

Nick Diaz vs Sean Sherk

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Japanese women rule!!!
    I’d go out w/her. If some one wanted to start sh*t with me, I would have her take care of it 😀

  • Clint Notestine says:

    I thought the Affliction commercial was gay then I watch a bunch of 90 lbs. French guys in Spandex.

  • The Diaz-Sherk fight is one of my all-time favourites

  • selfdestructo says:

    that endless love clip just made my day

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    That Shogun is a pussy video is bullshit. No doubt it was created by some TUF n00b douchebag. Before TUF, Sherdog and the rest were full of elitist PRIDE snobs. But ever since the UFC got popular, especially since 2006 onward, we’ve seen a huge surge in the number of idiots on the MMA internets. But that’s real life. You’re always going to have your idiot n00bs (ie. TUF n00bs) and your arrogant elitist snobs (ie. PRIDE nuthuggers). It’s the same with music and other forms of entertainment.

  • MacDaddy says:

    The savate video is like a bunch of angry mimes…

  • GonzoDamon says:

    The program used to make this Endless Love and the Shogun video are made using a program called CrazyTalk. It is remarkably simple to use, you just set various points of contact. For the mouth, you just place the dots at the corners of the mouth and then adjust a bit until the lips seem to seperate realistically.

    When I played around with CrazyTalk months ago, I was surprised how well it worked. HOWEVER, using the program to choreograph movement to this extent would take a lot of time! And it’s not like you would use this program for anything else than screwing around and evoking a few laughs….

  • blake829 says:

    sherk//diaz was a good fight. i cant believe people in the audience were booing some parts.. they were both banging the whole time. clearly everyone in vegas is retarded.