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JackalTV: Dream is back

Above: I almost forgot that Zombie Pride was back with more failed and/or japanese fighters

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Fedor’s Punch Out: Ah such a classic knockout it was even able to transcend time all the way back to 1988

GSP HL: A pretty sweet one, someone actually edited it

Paulo Trains: Some old footage of him training… what they fail to include is the padded room and horse steroids

JT Money: Guess who is fighting in Dream… why Japan, WHY!?

Sexual Tyrannosaurs talks MMA: Jesse Ventura might look like a rapist biker but he makes some sense, too bad he was on Larry King

Chuck HL: Look back at what once was


  • Filho vs Sulaev
  • Manhoef vs Karaev

Fedor’s Punch Out:


Paulo Trains:

JT Money:

Sexual Tyrannosaurs talks MMA:

Chuck HL:

Filho vs Sulaev

Manhoef vs Karaev