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JackalTV delayed till later tonight

I’m running off to jiu jitsu class and haven’t been able to get JackalTV done before I go. So expect it up sometime around 10pm. If you’re jonesing for some MMA action, check out the EliteXC video preview, or our interview with Xyience’s mortal enemy Rich Bergeron! They’re bomb diggedy.

Or you could rub the private parts of your significant other. I hear that’s what tonight is all about.

  • Wu Tang says:

    SOOOO, since its your like 10th month in BJJ, hows you doin? Are you still around 210-ish? Working the side mount? Still getting raped by a kid who weighs 160?

    Let me guess, you got arm-bared 3 times, got your ego crushed and tried to pull out of a deep arm-bar and hyper extended it? Heh, just finally listened to your shows (mail bag and Rich interview) fucken long as hell…. I needed my FL drug.. And your shows need to be longer than 1 30 min, and its wayyyyyy better than sunday school with sherdog!

    Oww you still suck balls.

  • just did it again tonight for the first time in FOREVER, felt fucking great. my cardio sucks balls again but my strength and technique is still there. Got on the scale after class and i’m 208 … pretty good considering i’ve been turfed on my ass for like 2 fucking weeks. Now ‘m back at it, working out and JJ’ing it like nuts. WIll update soon on the whole story