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JackalTV: Crocop pours a beer

(Above)Crocop just wants to have fun: This would be funny if it was anyone. It’s fucking drop dead hilarious because it’s Crocop. Extra crazy points go to the chick at the end for tackling the cameraman. And who says Croatia is all toil and suffering???

The rest of the videos are embedded after the jump!

The technique behind Minotauro’s win: Check out this video to see in slow motion the end of the Sylvia/Nog fight. I didn’t notice the awesome technique Minotauro uses to pull Sylvia down, keep him from getting up, and then to submit him. Fucking beautiful.

Toughman competitions are retarded: I have no idea how this shit is legal. What’s worst? The size difference between these two guys, the fact that one of the guys is drunk off his ass, or the fiasco at the end where the fighter throws the ref out of the ring?

Douglas Dedge MMA Death: Well, this is fucking morbid. This contains the fight plus some post fight footage I haven’t seen before showing the paramedics trying to revive Dedge. It’s a bit disturbing, but if you’re gonna be a fan or participant in MMA you should understand the very real dangers of the sport.

Strikeforce weigh-ins: I like how everyone laughs when Jan Nortje takes his shirt off. Also worth noting is Maurice Smith’s grandpa belly.

Aleksander Emelianenko vs Ricardo “Mutant” Morais: Another insane beatdown from Fedor’s little brother. Once this dude starts hitting you, he just doesn’t stop until you fall over.

James Fanshier Highlights: I don’t know who the fuck this James Fanshier guy is, but he certainly seems like a crazy fucking bastard. Some of those jumps, kicks, and drops are just outta this world.

Undisputed – Fedor Emelianenko vs. Randy Couture: Here’s the first of what I imagine will be many fan-made highlights showing clips of Randy and Fedor kicking the shit out of people. In anticipation of their match in 2012.

Minotauro vs Dan Henderson Highlight: Awesome highlight of this battle. Makes me wanna go out and find the full thing. Everything a highlight should be!

The technique behind Minotauro’s win

Toughman competitions are retarded

Douglas Dedge MMA Death

Strikeforce weigh-ins

Aleksander Emelianenko vs Ricardo “Mutant” Morais

James Fanshier Highlights

Undisputed: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Randy Couture

Minotauro vs Dan Henderson Highlight