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Jackals’ Picks: UFC 106

The cool thing about our MMA Playground camp is my ability to see people’s picks. You know what that means – I’ll know which of you jerks are lying about your predictions. Moreover, I can see an overview of the whole “camp’s” choices. Don’t really care which of you are (incorrectly) thinking Volkmann beats Paulo Thiago, so let’s take a look at only the main and co-main fights for UFC 106:

Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin II
Who does our camp favor?: Forrest Griffin (68%)
Who’s favored by the oddsmakers?: Forrest (-135)
Why are they like that?:
Because people hate Tito. You will never find another person despised so much that he’s picked to lose to a guy KOed in his last two fights. There’s no explanation besides injury that will explain how Tito battered Forrest through the mat in the first fight’s round one and couldn’t continue the same. Imagine the Rashad stoppage over Forrest – double it and that’s what Tito will end up doing tonight.

Josh Koscheck vs. Anthony Johnson
Who does our camp favor?: Anthony Johnson (52%)
Who’s favored by the oddsmakers?: Johnson (-140)
Why are they like that?:
Because AJ is 5-2 in the UFC with five knockouts. That being said, this is a prime example of how hype will cost a lot of people money. Anthony Johnson is a young fighter who hasn’t shown much in the way of a well-rounded game. KOs over fighters who lose on local circuits shot his stock up to stratospheric levels, but there’s some false advertising filling up his bandwagon. His five wins in the UFC have come against bottom level opposition, and he’s been choked out by a bloated Lightweight and went to the third round twice with Kevin Burns. That shouldn’t exactly inspire confidence considering Koscheck’s performance against Thiago Alves. Would you put Johnson on the same level as Alves? You would? Well, then you deserve to lose the money and the points. Anthony Johnson is still an unproven commodity. It’s disappointing to see how a puncher’s chance – his only strength – is making him the favored fighter over a legitimate top five Welterweight.

What does it all mean?:
There’s gonna be a lot of sad people on this site after tonight, whether it’s because they lost money or dropped an event to Bloody Elbow’s fantasy team. A fate worse than death that is.