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JackalFights: Kaitlin Young’s HookNShoot massacre

In the spirit of asswhuppings in female MMA, here’s hard hittin’ Gina-chum Kaitlin Young wrecking Suzi Smith in the opening round of the HOOKnSHOOT BodogFight 2007 Women’s Grand Prix. Kaitlin goes on to win all three fights that night by KO in under a minute each. After the jump: her whupping of Miesha ‘Boo-Tate’ (you know, like Bootay! but Boo-Tate? Yes! No?) Tate. You may notice I used my oh so l33t hax0r skills to start these videos at the very start of the fight – no 5 minutes of pixelated entrances and announcements for you to deal with.