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Jackal Roundtable: Worst decision in MMA history

Yep, it’s another slow news day – these pre-card weeks are the worst, man. Times like this, you wanna just sit around and bullshit about things that are more timeless than immediately related to current or upcoming events. And so, we run an experiment (that hopefully works better than my ill-fated ‘why does Fedor say Sambo judging is bullshit?’ attempt) – the Jackal Roundtable. Today’s topic: the worst decision in MMA history.

I’m not talking about fights you think should’ve gone the other way or you had scored differently (Stun Gun narrowly beating Karo in my eyes is an example). I’m talking about fights that IN NO RATIONAL REALM could be judged in the way they were. My nomination will be Ricco Rodriguez v Big Nog at PRIDE Total Elimination 2003. Imagine how differently history would view things had Ricco been (rightly) rewarded a decision over Nogueira less than six months after getting punked by Tim Sylvia. How differently PRIDE’s HW division would’ve been perceived had a guy that Tim Sylvia KO’ed in just over three minutes had taken out PRIDE’s #2. How differently Ricco’s life might have turned out.

So while you’re dropping by to say ‘fuck you Subo’, lay a little knowledge on me.