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Jackal Gambling: UFC 117 (Part One)

As tempted as I am to simply start taking odds that our new site will be up within the next week, let’s go ahead and look at some fight odds before the desperate begging starts.

Oh, who am I kidding – click click click or forever withhold your bitching about Ryan (not) getting caned for the Nog/Velasquez fight (Christ, that was a while ago).

Mike Pierce, winner of seven of his last eight fights dating back to June 2008 (only loss to Jon Fitch via Fitchcision), will be welcoming Amilcar Alves to the Octagon. It will be Pierce’s second welcoming party in a row, as he defeated Julio Paulino (an injury replacement for Rob Kimmons) at Vera v Jones. Clint and I have searched far and wide for Alves tape to very little avail, and Pierce is an absolute brick at 5’8. Not a terribly profitable adventure either way.

Nick Osipczak, a 5-1 25 year old prospect out of England, is slated to take on Greg Soto (no relation to Joe). Interestingly, both have a recent common opponent in Matt Riddle – Osipczak TKO’ed Riddle in the 3rd at UFC 105 (after saying he would “piddle on Riddle” and before losing a controversial split decision to Rick Story at UFC 112), while Soto was on his way to losing a decision before being DQ’ed due to hitting Riddle with an illegal upkick. As of this time, Slick Nick is a -155 favorite, which I feel is worth firing at least a unit on.

Nik Lentz, another young (26) up and coming fighter, faces Andre Winner (widely considered to be the best lightweight on that season of TUF before losing to Ross Pearson in the finale). Again, we have another recent common opponent, as both have decisioned Rafaello Oliveira within the last year (Lentz is 2-0-1 in the UFC, courtesy of a rare majority draw against Thiago Tavares). I love Winner’s style, but a good young American wrestler is just the kind of thing to fuck that up – and with name recognitions/Anglophilia driving Lentz up to favored status (-130 for Winner v +100), Nik at even money is a



Godzilla Gabe Ruediger makes his UFC return for the first time since UFC 63 against Creepy Joe Lauzon, who is coming off of a beating handed to him by Sam Stout in the FOTN at UFC 108. Gabe is of course most famous for his “put me back in, bro” performance outside of the sauna/inside the kitchen of the TUF house, but has won six straight fights to earn another shot at the Big Show. Lauzon, on the other hand, has been primarily mentioned in the context of feuding with his brother, Dan, going so far as to make him find a new gym/corner shortly before Dan’s last UFC fight against Efrain Escudero. Dare I allow myself to bet on either guy? Nyet. I’m skipping this one, and you all should, too.

So again – click click click, and tune back in tomorrow for a breakdown of the main card.