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Jackal Gambling: UFC 117 (the main card)

I bought Starcraft II today.  The first one came out when I was twelve, and was instantly my favorite computer game (displacing SimCity 2000 – hurricanes are cool, but lightning clouds that shred people’s minds?  No comparison!).  Now, at long last, the sequel.  Sixty four fucking dollars – luckily, I was en route to paying a debt to my old man when I thought “hey, he’s lazy, how about I just offer to buy my birthday gift from him, for him, now?”  And it worked.  It’s badass.  So first of all, NEVER DOUBT HOW MUCH I FUCKING LOVE YOU because I’m taking a break from the game to write for mien Fightliner.  Second of all, sixty four bucks is a lot in this economy – but think of it like this: You could take just two twins, bet it on any one of three fights on the main card of UFC 117, and, if you’re right, boom – you just won yourself a game that cost over $100 million to make, sucka.

About the link.  Every time you guys click the link and sign up – and again, I’m broke, broker than all y’all in the mall down the hall playing with your balls, and I signed up for one, the deposit bonuses are still there for me to take advantage of when I get some cash (come on student loans!) – we save a kitten.  Or chop one, depending on your preference (God, I love It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia).  Just so you know it’s real.  Remember that whole “send Subo to WEC in Broomfield” thing we had going for a minute?  WAY more feasible – and free for all of you! – if you guys sign up, or tell your friends to sign up, by clicking this this this this this or the one above.


  • Hey take it easy.  You know I like you.  You were priceless when Fedor (and co-promotion) tapped in 69 seconds.  Take it easy.  You can bet on MMA sometimes.  I made money on Cain/Kongo.
  • Our first relative coin flip of the night (isn’t competitive match making with divisional relevance under consistent, drug-tested parameters just the bee’s knees?) is Clay Guida vs Rafael dos Anjos.  I love Guida and I think he gets a bad wrap (more on how much ass wrestling kicks later), but his whole game plan pretty much centers around hanging out in dos Anjos’ best position.  If he is smart and keeps it standing, I’ll be shocked, but otherwise, I like Rafael.
  • Next up is the rematch of Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves, which Dana White recently announced would be for a title shot.  I can’t understand how Jon Fitch is an underdog (+105 – you can turn that forty of yours I mentioned earlier into more than eighty here) in this fight.  Did Alves’ takedown defense somehow look better against GSP?  I think we see a replay of their first fight, with Fitch doing what he does best, and I can’t get around recommending a Fitch bet, no matter how much I like Thiago, who missed weight today and lost 20% of his purse after claiming this weight cut was his “easiest ever”.
  • Matt Hughes v Ricardo Almeida is another close line.  Now, only betting on Hughes is the only way to get that Blizzard money – Almeida will get you close at -185, but Matt’s +155 line gets you there with room to spare – but how crazy is that?  Dude hasn’t lost to anyone not named GSP or BJ Penn at 170 since before 9/11 (Alves, much like today, missed weight for that fight).  I’m torn on this fight, so my money’s staying away from it.  But I can’t really hate on taking a flier on a Matt Hughes that I’m not convinced is done just yet.
  • Upset of the night?  Fat Boy is going to shit on everyone’s dreams.  Write it down.  You heard it here first.