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Jacare-Mayhem 2 for the DREAM belt?

DREAM just went to a whole bunch of trouble setting up a middleweight grand prix, and what’s the first thing that happens after a champion is crowned? He move up in weight, freeing up the belt once again. So with Gegard Mousasi’s head swelled to the point where he’s now going to fight at light heavyweight, who’s in line for the belt?

According to his coach, Ronaldo Jacaré Souza is:

“Jacaré’s fight will be for the title, at May 26th. The expectations are good and we’re ready to war”, said Distak, Still without official confirmation, Distak revealed that the opponent might be one of Jacare’s last opponents. “We’re still waiting for the confirmation and Dream’s answer, but the rumors say that will be against Jason Miller, but it’s not 100% confirmed yet”, told the coach, revealing that Ronaldo’s opponent might be the same one he defeated at Dream 4, by unanimous decision.

While a rematch so soon after their last bout might seem a bit strange, it’s one that I’m actually interested in seeing. Jacare managed to win the fight by keeping Mayhem on his back, but he never had him in trouble. Mayhem on the other hand managed to box Jacare up good. If (and this is a pretty huge if) Mayhem keeps off the bottom, he’s got a good chance of winning this fight and the DREAM title.

Still, I’m kinda wondering why a guy who’s on a fairly well received MTV reality show is only fighting in Japan and on a small Hawaiian show. Jason Miller is one of those guys who you’d think would be a no-brainer for Strikeforce to pick up, yet there’s been little to no serious chatter at all about this possibility.