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Jacare has UFC dreams

After middleweight champ Jake Shields left Strikeforce for the UFC, Strikeforce spent several months teasing us with the possibility of an awesome tournament for their vacant 185lb belt. In the end they just went with a Jacare vs Tim Kennedy title fight, and now that Jacare owns the belt we can look forward to Strikeforce having a champ that wants to stay put. Or not:

“I feel pretty good being the current champion of Strikeforce, but I want more than that. I’d like to fight on UFC, but for now I’m cool on Strikeforce and I don’t intend to leave the event. I want to become the number one in my division… I want to win more titles, it’s all just starting for me”, celebrates Jacaré, revealing the sad part of leaving the Jiu-Jitsu mats for MMA cages.

Poor Strikeforce. The grass is always greener on the UFC’s side of the fence. Well, with the exception of guys like Dan Henderson (who just wants you to get off his grass) and Nick Diaz (who just wants to smoke grass). And I guess Paul Daley and Josh Barnett (who aren’t allowed within 50 meters of the UFC’s lawn any more).

  • RaginAsian says:

    I applaud your multitude of grass-related metaphors.

  • Makinal says:

    jacare belongs in the ufc, not top 5 but still

  • mamoru says:

    I want to see Jacare fight Maia. And Marquardt.
    Shit, I’d even like to see him take on Leben.

    Hopefully he makes the jump once his contract is out, his talents are wasted on strikeforce.