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IVC bringing back the 8 man 1 night tournament

For all the groundbreaking the UFC did in the states, it was still just a port of vale tudo competitions that had gone on in Brazil for decades. And if you thought the old UFC events were brutal and bloody, you haven’t seen anything. The old  International Vale Tudo Championships took things to a whole new level of violence. Now the promotion is returning, albeit in a more sanitized and modern format:

Dormant since its Nov. 11, 2001 event in Venezuela, the IVC is ready to try and catch up with the sport it had a heavy influence on. IVC founder Sergio Batarelli informed of his intent to get back to his roots promoting MMA events.

The IVC will return with an event on May 15 in Pelotas, a city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Batarelli says the IVC will follow the modern rules of MMA, including the fighters wearing gloves and utilizing three five-minute rounds per bout. One of the holdovers from the early days will be IVC bouts taking place in a boxing ring instead of a cage.

“If all goes well with this return,” said Batarelli, “we will have at least more three events this year and with the old format, 8-man tournament, and with Brazilians and foreign fighters.”

The old IVC events were conducted with almost no rules, were bare fisted, and consisted of one 30-minute round.

This ain’t gonna be like the old IVC, but does anyone really want it to be anyways? The crazy vale tudo fights of the past are interesting (aka scary) to look back at, but the sport has evolved past that now. On the other hand, I’m glad to hear that the 8 man tournament will return in a format that isn’t crippled by stuffy athletic commissions. Both Strikeforce and YAMMA tried to do them in the States with poor results. It’d be nice if there was a promotion out there that was able to do them the oldschool way.