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Ivan Salaverry is hyped for his fight … NOT

Okay, I mentioned in the radio show that no one cares about the Terry Martin vs Ivan Salaverry fight. Apparently that sentiment extends to Ivan Salaverry as well:

“It’s not so much that I care or I’m giddy to go back to the UFC. I’m in contract so I have to fight. So fight I will.”

Wow, now that certainly hypes me up for this fight. To make matters worse, when Salaverry was given the standard cue to smack talk his opponent, he passed again:

Salaverry says he hasn’t really paid attention to such pre-fight jibes, but admits he has seen a few things on the Internet. He doesn’t seem fazed.

“I don’t think they pay me enough to frigging care,” he said with a laugh.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of those “So you wanna be a fighter?” speeches Dana White pulls on the Ultimate Fighter show, but I have to wonder why the fuck they don’t look at this and stuff Salaverry in the dark matches. There are plenty of other fighters busting their ass to get somewhere in the UFC that would kill for TV time. The Salmon-Belcher, Thomas-Stephens, and Silva-Irwin fights would all make great replacements.

  • Ryan says:

    Can you blame him? He hates the UFC and Dana White, after they cut him for one sub-par fight. They messed with his livelihood, and he didn’t even do anything wrong like threaten to fight in a rival org or demand more money. I think it’s kind of refreshing that he’s not bowing down to the UFC-machine and buying into the line of crap.

    As long as he brings it, who cares? He’s not going to lose, if that’s what you’re worried about…

  • I’m more worried about a boring fight :-p Sure, Ivan Salaverry is a human being and as such, but fighting is his job and Dana’s his boss. If I go to Subway and ask for a sub, I don’t care why the sandwich artiste isn’t giving me the appropriate number of meatballs, or why he’s smooshing my bread up. It doesn’t matter to me what his issues are with his job position or his situation in life. I just want my goddamn sub!

  • Cyrus says:

    Dude you don’t get it. Ivan’s a slick bastard. Plus that Terry Martin fight was an early stoppage. UFC’s built themselves up as a guild of ninjas when there’s a lot of horseshit in the group. They need a dude like Ivan every once in a while – so what if he don’t give a fuck – go fuck yourself.