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It’s totally Mitt Romney’s fault Pacquiao lost

Just before Manny Pacquiao’s fateful fourth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez this weekend, he had a surprise visit from some guy named Mitt Romney:

In came Mitt Romney. Yes, that Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and the presidential runner-up, every hair on his head in place. Romney, in fact, came in twice. His introduction was at once awkward and hilarious.

“Hi, Manny,” he said. “I’m Mitt Romney. I ran for president. I lost.”

All that really happened, truth stranger than fiction. Or just another Pacquiao fight.

Romney was apparently a guest of NSAC chairman Bill Brady, who had hosted a fundraising event for the candidate during the elections. Unbeknownst to Brady, he may have changed the course of the night – everyone knows that losing is contagious.

Why don’t you just french kiss already and make sure he catches it, jerkwad.