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It’s time to choose a bandwagon

Things are apparently bonkers over at BetUS because of gayball season starting up, so us MMA fans have been left hanging to a degree as far as odds go. But one set of odds that are up for DREAM.6 tonight is Mirko CroCop vs Alistair Overeem. Whether or not you detect an edge on this line really depends on what you think of both Mirko and Alistair’s ‘transformations’ in MMA: Mirko’s for the worst and Alistair’s for the better.

As usual, signing up for BetUS through us means we get money blah blah blah, don’t feel pressured but just make sure to mention us if you do get the sudden urge to bet a kidney on the result of this fight. No, BetUS does not accept kidneys, but the guy hanging out by the health clinic will pay you back your losses in exchange for your renal delights. So really, the end result is the same. Mirko? Alistair? Success? Kidney???