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It’s the women’s turn

Just when you thought an issue was dead and buried, it gets dug up all over again by another media group looking for a formal apology:

The Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM) issued a press release Wednesday calling for the Ultimate Fighting Championship to “take action in regards to misogynistic comments” that White made in a video blog posted on the promotion’s Web site. AWSM President Jenni Carlson said her group’s request for an apology from UFC went unanswered.

Last Wednesday, White delivered a profanity-filled tirade toward’s Loretta Hunt for a story she wrote about the promotion’s credentialing policy for fighter managers and agents. White called Hunt, among other things, a “(expletive) dumb bitch” for “an absolutely (expletive) retarded story” and ripped one of her sources as a “(expletive) faggot.”

“This is disheartening because this behavior is unacceptable,” Carlson wrote. “It establishes a hostile work environment not only for Loretta but all women who cover the UFC. We cannot accept that any female sports journalist would have to work in an environment of intimidation or a hostile workplace.”

Prying an apology out of Dana White will be hard considering the much bigger and more influential GLAAD already beat them to the punch. As well, Dana was very careful only to ‘cancel out’ the fag stuff and not anything directed at Loretta Hunt.

How much the AWSM can twist his arm should be interesting. Is this a group with more bark than bite? Are they willing to harass the UFC’s sponsors to a point where Dana is forced to react? Whatever the case, there seems to be a support group for every damn minority in the workforce. Where’s the support group for rich white dudes that like to bag on female reporters, I wonder?