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So you might have heard that Kimbo Slice is turning his attention to boxing where I assume Gary Shaw has told him he can make a lot more money in a shorter period of time without having to worry about all that ground crap. Good for him if that works out. I just feel bad that he hit our scene up right when the Japan freakshow gravy boat derailed and never got a taste of that.

Now that he’s in boxing, there’s a lot of MMA deja-vu type stuff going on: guys with waaaaaay more experience are tripping over themselves offering to beat Kimbo up. Roy Jones Jr is doing it, and yes of course James Toney as well. But the best part of all this is the return of Jared Shaw, who is acting like he is Master to Kimbo’s Blaster (a little Mad Max reference for you there). Check out some of his great recent tweets:

I am proud to announce the reuniting of team kimbo …KIMBO SLICE has just entered the square circle !!!

Yes, Team Kimbo consists of Kimbo Slice, who actually does the training and fighting, Gary Shaw who promotes the fights, and Jared Shaw who gets to hang around like an idiot douchenozzle on account of being a product of Gary Shaw’s semen.

My favorites though have to be the tweets where he and Kimbo hit a state of training nirvana where they merge into a singular entity:

lets get that work in

day 4 of training our weight is on and the power in our legs is really coming along..i feel really fucking bad for the heavyweight division

Oh yes, I look forward to more entertaining Team Kimbo news in the future.