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It’s supposed to be VS, not BFF

I completely agree with Sam Caplan on his reasons why Saturday’s Cung Le vs Frank Shamrock fight was NOT a fight of the year candidate:

A lesser issue I had with the fight was Shamrock’s incessant hand gestures throughout the fight. The “nighty-night” gesture during the Phil Baroni fight last June was awesome. But he went to the well once too often during the fight with Le. I’m all for a little showmanship and gamesmanship but when there is too much banter between combatants during a fight, the level of intensity decreases and it begins to feel like a glorified sparring match.

Honestly, that shit drives me nuts. I fucking hate it with guys smile, high five, hug between rounds, etc. A little bit of respect is all well and good, but after the first round that shit got really fucking tired.

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    I think it’s Cung Le’s fighting style that made it seem like a sparring match. It’s evident that Cung Le, if he has power does not use it. He rather pick an opponent from kicking distance.

  • Ross says:

    I have it as fight of the year to date but only because there’s not much competition. If I still think the same way at the end of the year it won’t have been a good year of fights.

    There was at least 10 better fights last year, including Frank’s fight with Baroni.

  • Sabathia says:

    Think he’d have the same opinion if it said “Elite XC” on the middleweight belt instead of “Strikeforce?”

  • Krazytrain33 says:

    Franks antics and ego have always been a turnoff for me. That’s why I thought this fight was so great. Frank got completely owned and I loved every second of it. The few smiles and points Cung Le did I think were just to retaliate Franks antics and get in his head. I doubt you will see any antics like that again from Le against other opponents. I think you guys give Frank too much credit as if to say he could’ve taken Le down at will if only he wanted to. I certainly think Frank should have made more attempts to do so, but he was kept on the outside by Le. A shot from out there and he would have most likely ate a big knee or kick on the way in. I think it was a great fight and may have looked like a sparring match but that’s because that was the way Le wanted it. He had a great gameplan and executed that plan almost flawlessly. Plus he is fun to watch. Easily the best fight I have seen all year. I also think it is a huge difference if you watch it live. Even if you don’t know what happens it just gets some of the intensity taken out when you are watching it taped.

  • zex says:

    this makes me think those rumors about being a worked fight are true

  • FightStinker is RIGHT! says:

    “I think it’s Cung Le’s fighting style that made it seem like a sparring match. It’s evident that Cung Le, if he has power does not use it. He rather pick an opponent from kicking distance.”

    Did you watch the end of the fight? Cung doesn’t have kicking power does he? Thats why he broke Franks fucking arm with a kick…that’s not power…just pure luck right?

  • Krazytrain33 says:

    I would hate to say that Zex, but I have to admit it was really weird when I watched it again and they kept talking about how one of those kicks could easily break Shamrocks arm. Weird coincidence?

  • Still … CroCop kick of death > Cung’s kicks of ouch. Cung has shown that it takes rounds of kicks to take out an opponent. Not that it’s not impressive, especially since the fighters usually go down not because they’re KO’d but because their internal organs or bones are all broken 😉

  • Xavier says:

    Thi sis the first time in a long time where you said something I utterly and completely agree with regarding a fight. That fight had no drama, it had no sense of urgency. Just two guys sparring in front of thousands.

  • MadMan says:

    I’d have to agree with Frank “goin’ to the well once
    to often”. It was perfect when he did the sleepy-poo
    thing to Baroni…didn’t have the same effect this time.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    Fight of the year? You guys must be crazy. If anything I was dissapointed by the fight. Their smiles and gestures drove me crazy and wasted quite a bit of time. It’s a fucking fight, not a tea party. Anyways, Frank deserves the punishment for not taking Cung down.

  • stink47 says:

    yeah Lytle v Lawler was annoying when they were whoopin it up with each other about how great their fight was

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    I prefer seeing a striker pick apart a guy until they finish their opponent than seeing a quick flash KO. Cung Le is a methodical fighter and it’s a beauty to watch him in action. One of the problems with MMA is that matches often end too quickly before real drama can build in a fight. Boxing on the flip side allows for that (Arturo Gatti) but a lot of boxers are boring as fuck these days. And the Shamrock-Le fight had drama. When you think of a classic fight, Cro Cop-Vovchanchyn doesn’t come to mind. Brutal KO, awesome highlight reel material but you don’t think “oh my god, what a great fight” after that. You need build up and a climatic finish for fights like that. Instead it’s more of a “wow, he knocked his head off. That’s pretty cool” type of thing.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Just look at Mike Tyson. People would get pissed off spending $60-70 on a PPV only to see Tyson take a guy out in a few minutes. It’s the wars with drama and climatic buildup, not the flash KOs that entertain the most.

  • Yeah, it’s a lot better doing the ‘go to sleep’ motion half a second between direct hits to the face. Not so effective while getting slowly picked apart from the outside.

    The release during the end of the third was awesome though, that was balls to the walls fighting. Made up for the rest of it and was probably the best 2:30 of MMA this year. But the fight as a whole? Meh

  • godzillad says:

    You guys are forgetting that Frank only taunts when he gets cracked, that way he gets a few extra seconds to recover.

  • falkofire says:

    I disagree… I believe thesew antic’s during fights make superstars… show charisma.. and adds a whole other dynamic to an already entertaining and intense fight… it also can help your opponent lost focus and u can catch em just as easy… as long as you stay dangerous ( ala scott smith X Pete Sell )

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    *shrugs* Fight was ok.

  • HexRei says:

    I too thought the antics were a little too much. a few exchanges or gestures during appropriate points in the fight can hype things- see Lytle vs Lawler for example, a mediocre fight that was made more exciting by some banter and posturing. But this was just annoying.

  • Kel says:

    Entertaining fight…reminded me a bit of the Frank Shamrock -v- Bas Rutten from Pancrase when Frank was making faces and Bas hit him with an illegal closed fist…Classic