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It’s still a fuckup when it’s a close decision gone wrong

Here’s the standard response from everyone today as we shake the shock away from one of our first championship decision fuckups:

If you thought Shogun won, you have every right to believe it. But this was a fight so close, the judges have every right to believe they made the right decision, too. I saw enough to call Rua the winner; but not enough to call him a victim.

Yeah, but EVERYONE had Shogun winning the fight. It really was that clear that he had won. And the judges fucked it up unanimously. Forget Shogun and whether he was robbed, slightly screwed, or full on raped and instead think of the judges and if they blew the decision. Yes. They did. Why a fight being slightly close gives them more leeway to get away with their fuckups is beyond me. You’d think it’s these close times where judges show their worth and break down reliably who did more. Unfortunately for us, that preceding sentence is more likely to cause laughter than reflect reality.

Let’s take a look across the internet again at how everyone else scored the fight:

Fanhouse scored the fight 48-47 Shogun (twice)
Cagewriter score the fight 48-47 Shogun
Bloody Elbow scored it 50-46 Shogun
USA Today scored the fight 48-47 Shogun
Sports Illustrated scored the fight 48-47 Shogun
Fightmetric scored the fight 49-47 Shogun

Simply put, NO ONE had Machida winning. Not anyone at UFC 104, not anyone on the internet. Only the three dildo judges gave him the edge. So sorry, when the entire universe agrees that the wrong person won, that’s a bad fucking call, regardless of how ‘close’ the fight was, and the judges shouldn’t be spared our wrath for pooching a UFC title fight.