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It’s Showtime about to go Super Saiyan

As much as I hate the sketchbags running K-1, there’s no getting around the fact that they took kickboxing to the next level and are the best known fighting organization in Japan. Their parent company FEG’s uber-financial problems have crippled the promotion, but fortunately it looks like Dutch promoters It’s Showtime are preparing to take their business to the next level. From their website:

We are very proud to announce that IT’S SHOWTIME is at the point of signing the biggest financial deal ever to be made in the sport of kickboxing.

A Swiss investment company (which will be revealed soon) and IT’S SHOWTIME will collaborate and because of this collaboration, a company will exist which will change the history of worldwide kickboxing.

The new company which is to be founded from this collaboration will have its home ground in another country than The Netherlands. The next months will be used to decide the strategy that this company will follow. Details about this, not only for the kickboxing scene, megadeal will later be revealed during a press conference.

The reason to announce this deal already is the fact that several journalists already knew about these sensational developments, and also we thought that the combat sports fans deserved some positive news.

Can It’s Showtime save major league kickboxing? Are they planning on taking over Japan or America or just another European country that’s less suspicious of the sport? Could the promotion even break into these new markets considering Japan’s shady fight scene and America’s apathy for kickboxing? So many questions, so few answers. We can only hope It’s Showtime manages to pick up the torch K-1 fumbled and create a league where the best kickboxers in the world get to compete against each other again.

  • glassjawsh says:

    getting the dutch to kick box is easy.
    1. get 100 guys drunk in amsterdam.

    2. start shouting that you’d like to jam your giant rookworst in someone else’s mom’s syrupy stroopwafel

    3. sit back and enjoy the ensuing brawl

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Getting americans to kick box is way more difficult


    1. Convince an high level athlete to not make millions in traditional stick and ball sports or hundreds of thousands in mma but put the entire sport of kickboxing on their back and hope for the best

    2. Wait for said athlete

    3. Still waiting…

    4. ….still nothing…