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It’s Penn vs Stevenson for the LW belt … kinda

Well, it’s as official as it’s gonna get without showing up on

White said he’s not going to strip Sherk of his lightweight championship because he is fed up with the California Athletic Commission’s handling of Sherk’s steroids case.

[Dana] said Penn and Stevenson, who said he learned on Tuesday that he and his wife will have another son, will fight for the interim title as the main event of UFC 80 in Newcastle, England, likely on Jan. 19.

Interim belts are pretty stupid in the best of scenarios, and in this case it’s an outright fraud. Since Dana is saying he’s not going to strip Sherk, this fight is nothing more than a glorified #1 contender bout. I bet you BJ Penn’s looking like someone pissed in his pineapple. Stevenson … he’s barely a real contender for the #1 contender spot so I imagine he’s just happy to headline a big show.

**Update** Here’s Kevin Iole talking with Steve Cofield about the whole kebab. LOL at Iole calling them ‘Nanabolic steroids’. But I ain’t holding it against him … I can’t even say EliteXC properly.

  • Tommy says:

    I wonder what BJ is saying about this.

  • marshal says:

    That picture is just sick.

  • At least we got a final answer on this one and Dana’s standing up to the CSAC. It’s risky because if the suspension of any length is upheld they’re publicly endorsing steroids (basically) but the lightweight division has been stalled long enough. Good headline bout, especially if the card appears for free on Spike.

  • dandeman says:

    Its the only way to keep the Lightweight division from staying in Limbo

  • jd says:

    So…. we could find out that Sherk is innocent in like 3 weeks, and then January BJ and Joe are fighting for an interim belt?

    ummm… what the hell?

  • dandeman : they could always just strip sherk of the belt. Or better yet, Sherk could give the belt up and be promised a fight when he returns. Of course, why would he ever do that.

  • Dana says:

    “this fight is nothing more than a glorified #1 contender bout.”

    Wrong, if Sherk is stripped, then either Penn or Stevenson will be considered champion.

  • dandeman says:

    Probably fightlinker, but maybe Dana believes Sherk, could be he’s trying to protect him somehow. Perhaps, not even God, understands the internal convulsions and ramblings that is Dana’s brain.

  • Did you miss the part of the quote where Dana said he’s decided not to strip Sherk because the CSAC are morons?

  • dandeman says:

    No did not miss it, since Baroni’s own legal team calls their sanity into question, which perhaps has led Dana to call them Morons and want to protect Sherk. Thus leading him to believe Sherk. Its just that the hearing that happened yesterday left more questions than answers and everyone is scrambling . It could be that Dana knows that Sherks Lawyer is going to ask for another delay on 11/13/07, and thus forcing his hand. Anyway Dana was never one for subtlety.

  • Prozac For All says:

    In Dana’s ideal world all the belts would be put on hold indefinitely.

    Here’s my predictions: Randy will remain the UFC heavyweight champ for another year or so just in case he wants to come back and fight. I’m betting that the winner of Hughes vs Serra will get some freak injury that will prevent another WW title defense for another extended period of time. Sherk will keep the lightweight belt while he keeps taking “fuggin’ XYIENCE” and sticking needles in his rock-solid ass while munching Norandro and HGH. Rampage will probably go to jail for not paying child support on all of his half-Japanese babies during which time the LHW belt will wait for him. The middleweight belt doesn’t even matter as Gollum Lindland won’t come back to the UFC to challenge Silva, Paulo Filho is Anderson’s long lost cousin practically and won’t fight him, and Frank Shamrock is too busy blowing the Horn of Gondor in EliteXC… unless BROCK LARSON drops down to middleweight to pry it from Spider Silva!!

  • Trol says:

    I will laugh if Penn wins and then abandons it to move back up to welter weight.

  • Dana says:

    Prozac For All, like LOTR much you fucking geek?

  • Prozac For All says:

    Yep, I do like LOTR, but STAR TREK is so much better and I do wonder why Counseler Troy never hooked up with Jordy Laforge.

  • UFC 80 is not confirmed for January 19th… it could even be held in February… watch this space

  • Xavier says:

    “Did you miss the part of the quote where Dana said he’s decided not to strip Sherk because the CSAC are morons?”

    Mostly because they delayed the stupid hearing. If the hearing goes against Sherk and he’s suspended, they’ll strip him of the title and the interim champion will become the undisputed champion.

    I think Dana is ripping the CSAC more for not reading Sherk’s brief and having to delay due to that.

  • Terrence Halladay says:

    so if the fighter is dana whites friend and if the CSAC delays his hearing for two weeks that means he doesn’t lose his title even though he tested positive for roids? what a double standard. I said it in the other thread and I’ll say it here: dana white is so full of shit his spit must be brown

  • Tommy says:

    We’ve all seen The Program. If Lattimer could figure out a way to use and not get caught so can Sherk. I think he’s a user personally.

  • Tommy says:

    Thinking about it, what the fuck did Dana expect to happen? Why do you think Sherk hired some fuckshit top of the line lawyer? I’ve had my share of lawyers and their world class at getting dates passed so they can draw out the pay. I’m starting to believe the lw belt is cursed.

  • marshal says:

    Dana White is the George Washington of MMA

  • Terrence Halladay says:

    if you mean he’s a slave owner your right

  • BJ was so motiviated… Now I fear he might return to the bloated BJ Penn. Sherk will be the Tim Sylvia of the LW division…Hold the belt by any means necessary