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It’s oh so quiet

It’s the calm before the storm: UFC80 is tommorow afternoon and it is as if the MMA Gods are holding their breath in anticipation. Translation: There ain’t nothing going on right now. At least not in the way of MMA news.

But Fightlinker defies boring news days – we’ve always got fresh content all steamy and smelling good like bread right from the baker’s oven. Fuck yeah I could go for some of that shit. Just check out what’s happening:

New Comic
We promised it and we did it! The weekly comic is now weekly for real! Go check out the second comic in the ongoing struggle of Ryan and Jake as they do stuff vaguely related to MMA.

New Shirt designs
We’re still trying to make the Fightlinker store work properly, and let me tell you what: there’s no hotter way to spend a Friday night than sitting in your underwear eating wagon wheels and trying to decode PHP. That’s a coding language, not a fun drug. Unfortunately. BUT for now go check out the shirt designs which are in progress and tell us what you think.

Live Blogging / Live Chat / Live Radio
The holy trinity of UFC80 coverage will be available only at I challenge you to find a site that’s offering as much interaction as we do! Sure, it’s all dick and fart jokes around here but who wants to discuss the subtle nuances of side control vs mount when we can talk about the tits on dem ring girls? So drop by tommorow at 3pm for all your UFC80 needs.

So as you can see, there’s always fun shit to do around here. Even when mixed martial arts is boring, we got your back.