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It’s official: BJ Penn will make excuses to the death

(“This grease feels a lot like getting punched in the face!”)

Although BJ Penn failed to capture the UFC Welterweight belt last January, he has succeeded in winning the Whiniest, Most Self-centered Sore Loser championship (yes, leave it to BJ to walk away from a loss with some kind of win anyway). Michael Rome over at Bloody Elbow has the summary:

– BJ is hoping to freeze GSP’s career pending the hearing and a possible appeal. They apparently plan to delay the Thiago Alves fight, but first they’d have to get the commission to suspend GSP pending an outcome in the investigation.

I didn’t think it was possible to be more disappointed in BJ Penn. Today, I stand corrected. He’s gone from having a legitimate gripe that indeed helped the sport move forward in a positive manner to turning his crusade into a petty, egocentric and self-destructive ploy to make sure the ship goes down with him.

For the past few weeks there has been one constant in the whole Vaseline controversy: this Greasegate stuff is tired. There was a very fine line BJ had to tow with all of this; his previous excuses for losses could have easily made this whole situation resemble the boy who cried wolf. It worked for a while. Penn walked that line like a tightrope. Now, he’s crossed it so much he wouldn’t be able to see it if he turned around.

It’s was one thing to cast a shadow on GSP’s win, one thing to postpone defending your belt, one thing to complain complain complain, but it’s another to start screwing with the fans. If BJ can get his grubby little way, he will ruin the main event of the biggest MMA spectacle of all time at UFC 100. That’s the definition of selfishness. He is actively trying his best – and spending millions on top of that – to make sure we don’t get to see a fight he isn’t even in. BJ Penn is officially contemptible for what he’s doing to us.

How loyal is that? For all the things the Fertittas and Dana White have done for BJ, he turns around and tries to sabotage their promotions milestone anniversary show? They brought him into the UFC with a 0-0 record. They gave him a title shot after three wins. They set him up in a tournament with the other bracket being two guys he KOed in less than three minutes combined. They let him fight the number one Lightweight in his brother’s promotion while under contract. They gave him a Welterweight title shot for no reason. They brought him back after he took the belt to K-1 and sued them. They gave him a whole season of The Ultimate Fighter to build up an easy win, and then they gave him another Welterweight title shot after going 0-2 in his last fights at 170. What kind of message is this sending his bosses? The guy is sordid. There’s no other way about it.

For the good of his legacy, GSP’s career, Florian and Alves, UFC 100 and most importantly the fans, BJ should just pick his ovaries off the floor and shut up.

*Edit* It’s been brought to our attention that the interview Rome, and in turn I, referenced is fabricated. Every one of my points still stand: GSP could still have his license temporarily suspended at the hearing on Tuesday (ruining UFC 100), and BJ is a sucka.

*Edit 2* Just to clarify, the only inaccuracy is the fact that BJ did an interview. I quoted nothing from it anyway and the same repercussions are still real. GSP has a hearing on Tuesday where they will basically have court between BJ and GSP. Georges could get his license revoked if Kieth Kiezer wants to make an example of the camp.