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It’s not NY regulation

Okay, that’s it. No more speculating from me, and no more agreeing with anyone else on the subject. Until Dana says it with his own goddamn lips, I am done. The latest:

–Oliver Copp reported that Dana White denied to him and other reporters in London that the big surprise was going to be regulation in New York. He was openly talking about New York regulation to people. He also told Kevin Iole and Neil Davidson how it was something he has to tell his employees first, and obviously running MSG wouldn’t fit into that category.

  • UFC making big announcement = creating lots of speculation and getting all the attention … overshadowing the hype for the next EXC show… 😉

  • Ark says:

    I guess we’ve all learned a lesson about differences between blogs and “old media”. Notably, their crazy-ass policy of confirming rumors before reporting them.

    There was a study done not too long ago showing that the topic of most blogger’s posts is other blog posts. The niche for blogs seems to be commentary and aggregation of publicly available information, only occasionally seasoned with original research (interviews, tip-offs from good sources). I think this whole “announcement” hoopla should help regulate some of the MMA blogger egos who have been chest-beating about journalism, “old media” and their own significance.

    I’m not talking about FL here, this site is obviously geared toward entertainement. Btw, can you get rid of the huge-ass banner at the top of the screen in the next re-design? It’s 20% of the visual real estate plus I hate how the frames makes me feel boxed in.

  • MRC54 says:

    Fuckin’ A!

  • cyph says:

    We go here for misinformation, not for news.

    And yes, Sam Caplan’s going to get a black eye for this one. He should’ve headlined it with RUMOR, which he would get credit for anyway if it was true, and can deny it if it was note. Reporting it as fact…ehh.

  • Yeah we hear ya Ark. The top bar will go away!

  • Carcass says:

    Its new money (i.e. Dana and Fertittas just got bought out) or they bought the IFL…

  • Steve says:

    What we know:

    1. MMAPayout reports that the UFC is working some kind of monster financial deal with the banking industry

    2. Companies don’t call employee-only meetings unless there is a major shift in how the company will be run in the future.

    I suspect the news is that the Fertitta’s have cashed out (in order to free up their time/finances for the Viva project) and that Dana has finagled a greater ownership stake in the company with his new equity partners.

  • S. Jennum says:

    What Ark said.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    @Ark: Most of mainstream news is reporting on other news reports as well. They’re even more blatant – find a major news story, check out the source – more likely than not it’s one of the wire services. Then do a search to see how many newspapers are printing that verbatim.

    At least with blogs you get a small amount of commentary and analysis!

  • Ark says:

    Most mainstream news is COPYING wire content in whole.

  • Ark says:

    To put it more clearly, they’re re-publishing wire or syndicated content because people are still relying on physical newspapers to get the news.

  • cyph says:

    MMAPayout reports that the UFC is working some kind of monster financial deal with the banking industry

    I hope it’s not the rumored UFC credit card with US Banking. Instant buzz kill.

  • iamphoenix says:

    what i say yesterday! i knew that wasn’t the big announcement…im right, fightlinker is wrong! (for agreeing with sam caplan) i told sam that wasn’t it…

  • micjasbro says:

    I’m sticking with going to more overseas locations (Australia, or deeper into Europe) or Mexico

  • Goddamn. I was the only other reporter there in that group apart some Filipino tv presenter, and I don’t get a mention? Pshh