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It’s MAILBAG time!

As always, the first Low Blow radio show of the month is the infamous mailbag edition. During the last show we answered the question “What’s more important, getting married or watching UFC79?” plus a bunch of others. This month we’re hoping for another batch of interesting, unique, funny, smart, or stupid questions. Stick em in the comments section here.

Cut off time to submit questions is 6pm EST Monday, and the show will go up on the site in the late hours of the evening Monday night.

  • Toxie says:

    Have you guys seen the movie….Blood Car?

  • Doc Strict says:

    If these pencil-dick Fightlinker haters did a Luke Cummo style cleansing, would their brains fall out of their asses?

  • Swedish guy says:

    Never got an answer to this on the last mailbag you did, perhaps because it’s too serious a question:

    It’s damn obvious this site is all about MMA and all about humor. What you think about MMA I already know, so I wonder what your comic influences are – maddox I know of but past that. Stand up comedy? Stoner movies like cheech and chong, dude where’s my car and harold and kumar? Sitcom-wise, do you watch e.g. the office or 30 rock (probably the most awesome series ever, alec baldwin is the shit) or animated series like family guy and american dad? and so forth. Have at it!

  • bodyshots says:

    Do they have good pot in Canada? Whats the going rate?

  • Amy says:

    Did you get any group rate info for the hotels in April?

  • kentyman says:

    How the fuck am I going to make it up to Canada from Austin, Texas without spending too much money?

  • Amy says:

    Kentyman- Airfare for you alone is $600. Don’t feel bad, I’m in Boston, 1hour flight time and its still $500 for me…..

  • MJC_123 says:

    Who would you want to leave looking like Wanderlei Silva after UFC 79?

  • stellar53 says:

    Fightlinker, can I rent your living/killer room for he fight there in ole Canada? I need somewhere to stay and hate hotels…..

  • kentyman says:

    Exactly, Amy.

    Hrmm, maybe we should share a room… 😛

  • Amy says:

    Good thinking. I’ll buy the beer.

  • dulljake says:

    focus people. Ask MMA related questions, or the show is really going to suck balls….

  • márcio says:

    The UFC Middleweight (especially) and Heavyweight Division are clearly the worst ones of the organization regarding the depth of talent, they really need to increase the talent pool in those divisions. How do you guys think they can acomplish that?

  • matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    How is your training going for craplan fatass?

  • Fightlicker says:

    $200 to fly Dallas to Detroit, 9.5 hour drive to Montreal.
    $415 to fly Dallas to Burlington, VT with a 2 hour drive to Montreal.

    If I had a van I could pick up a bunch in Detroit and make it a road trip.

  • Geoff says:

    Is there anyone at middleweight who even has a chance against Anderson Silva? Or even anyone who can drop down?

  • Fightlicker says:

    Should Matt Serra retire after losing to Hughes in the Fall?

  • godzillad says:

    Have either of you witnessed the epictitude of Bob Zanger?

  • P W says:

    You have to be more selective about which questions you decide to answer on the show. Last month I sent in a bunch of crap just to get the spirit going in the thread, but you decided to answer all of them, which made me feel like a party crasher. Anyhow, this time I have a good one for you:

    Imagine yourself being a farmer. Who’s fighter’s chin would you use to plow your fields? Factors to take into consideration: size, shape and toughness of the chin.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Yooo, how did that bitch slap feel jake?

    So ryan.. You look about 200-210 ish.. How are you going to get to 185 to fight sam? And it does not look like water weight too.. Looks more like shit/fat.. You SURE you dont want to put coffee in your ass and shit out tea?

    Got any good porno to recommend, so that you guys can give the impression that you are not gay homos like in that last clip with the slap… You sure you guys dont bitch slap each other when doing doggy style? Give us some good porno info so that you arent gay!! you got lady fans here, come on!!

  • RoB says:

    who is the alpha male, ryan or jake? got my money on ryan bitches!

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Is Chuck Liddell a pussy for trying to take Wanderlei down instead of
    trying to prove that he was the better knockout artist and standing with Silva for the whole fight?

  • Omar says:

    Shouldn’t you and exchange websites? You provide way more opinion, and they provide way more links…

    PW: Josh Barnett’s got a real good chin. Could plow hella fields with it!

  • Kalak says:

    Could the UFC become a pseudo sport, with heavily manipulated fighter rankings, matchups end even results?

  • Wu Tang says:

    Do a 10 min segment with GSP voice.. U do better GSP than GSP himself (jake not u ryan).

  • Wu Tang says:

    Oww and bitch slap Jake with ur Serra voice Ryan.

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Norifumi KID Yamamoto VS Urinal Faber = ? (In a cage not a bed u fags)

    Dan Hardy/Melvin Manhoef Vs Anderson Silva = ?

    What kind of music did you used to DJ, Ryan?

    (+ do you need any points to sort your ratio out on GTI? Just ask, I’ll send you some.)

  • Edik says:

    Couture or Fedor?

    Do you guys believe that if this fight would take place in Japan, Fedor would own? On the other hand if it was to take place in UFC, the russian would follow the path of Mirko, Shogun, Wand and others?

  • kentyman says:

    Ryan, are you going to give up sex (can’t imagine that’ll be too hard for ya…) and alcohol (BALLS) as part of your training regiment?

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    Why is Sam Stout NOT on the main card of UFC 80?!!

  • Toxie says:

    Have you guys ever watched a Shooto event? Are you interested?

  • kentyman says:

    I think it’s interesting that UFC has a matchmaker, Joe Silva, when I always assumed Dana has a big say in what matches are made. Is Joe’s job just to make all the calls, fill undercard, etc., or does Dana actually defer almost all of it to Joe?

  • Amy says:

    What kind of coverage will you have for your scrap against swollen Ming the Merciless? Will Jake be doing a live blow by blow for us? And Ryan, if you don’t bang out that fat deviant fuck, I’ll slap you.

  • RoB says:

    What do you think about applying chuck norris jokes to dana white such as………….. dana white only masturbates to pictures of dana white, or if you want a list of dana whites enemies just check the extinct species list.

  • Random Acts Of Kindness says:

    If you were forced at gunpoint to see one UFC fighter naked, who would you pick?

    Who is your least favorite radio personality on “teh Sherdog radio network”?

    Who do you hate more: Frank Trigg or Josh Koscheck, and why?

    Is there any truth to the rumors that Josh Burkman was arrested in Pittsburgh and charged with multiple counts of bagel raping?

  • Foreskin Face Pete says:

    1) for the caplan fight: masculine board shorts or one of those little GSP-style fight leotards?
    2) gameplan for the fight