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It’s gonna be a Ho Down

This is a joyous day, friends. Not only is it Friday, which means we can stuff our fat faces with beer and wings without worrying about suffering severe flatulence tomorrow at work, but there’s some big news brewing in MMA land. According to MMAFighting’s sources, Strikeforce is done after their January card, and Ronda Rousey will lead women’s MMA into the Octagon. It’s about stinking time, on both fronts.

Putting Strikeforce down, at this point, is just a merciful act. I have this cat with lung cancer, degenerative muscle disease, a hole in the side of his face, and one bald leg. I put him out on the front porch this Halloween to scare the shit out of the kids, and he did a phenomenal job even though he hardly moved an inch. It breaks my heart, but he’s got to be put down for his own sake. It’s the same with Strikeforce. We’ve witnessed the suffering, the excruciating denial, and the horror for far too long. It’s simply time.

On to a sunnier day, women’s MMA – basically Ronda – coming to the UFC is a great thing. Dana White is right, even though when he talks about her he sounds like a stalker, she is a star. She does have that X factor. And she’s awfully purty, which never hurts. The fact that she can whoop that ass just validates the decision.

The problem lies in that the UFC will likely only allow one women’s division, at least for the foreseeable future. And since it’s being built around Ronda, it’s going to be 135. The fight everyone wants to see is Rousey/Cyborg, so Cyborg better find a way to drop some pounds or she’s going to find herself ass out of this opportunity. Perhaps she can cut down on the brontosaurus steaks, or just embrace a little femininity and stop worrying about having bigger arms than Shane Carwin. Either way, she best find a way because that’s a huge fight, and it could set a brilliant tone for women’s MMA.