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It’s funny because he IS wild-eyed

One of the best parts of Joe Rogan’s blog is that he sprinkles his posts with random MMA-related jokes. Here’s a good one from a story about a swinger inviting Joe to bang his wife:

I can totally buy that, but then he also said something I that found very fascinating; and that was that they both had veto powers – meaning that either one had to approve their sexual partners before they were allowed to participate in any fucktuals.

I thought that was pretty interesting, because I thought the whole thing with this swinger stuff was the idea of having sexual freedom. You’re in a committed relationship, but you’re allowing each other to have fun with other people’s bodies. Your husband or wife having veto powers tells me that you’re still dealing with the sting of those primitive emotions. I mean, for the most part to be that guy you must have a pretty good grip on your jealousy, but I guess every man has his limits so he’s reserving his option on anything that registers over a certain number on his freak-o-meter.

“So like, you can deal with some guy like a nervous and slightly feminine accountant with the nice hair giving your wifey an excited, but ultimately sup-par boning, but you’ll put the kibosh on some wild-eyed Melvin Manhoef looking motherfucker itching to stuff his fat, black dick into your wife’s tight, white ass.

“Yeah, exactly. That’s too much. I can’t follow that.”

Just another day at the JoeRo blog. As a side note, Joe will be doing a stand-up show in Montreal the night before UFC 97 and jackal W hooked us up with tickets. We’re gonna try and see what he thinks of Fightlinker, which is always somewhat nerve-wracking. You never know who’s going to love or hate the site … Joe seems like the kind of guy who’d ‘get it’ but who knows. Perhaps he just thinks we’re a bunch of shit-talking douchebags?