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It’s evil promoter week in MMA

We all know what a jerk and a meanie Dana White was to Randy Couture, and now we get to find out that Gareb and Kurt from the IFL aren’t all sunshine and lollypops either. I don’t want to sound all Zach Arnold doom and gloom, but this has not been a good week to run a mixed martial arts organization.

So you all remember that the IFL ditched two of the only fighters people gave a fuck about for their dumb grand prix, right? Right. Well, the story gets even better! The general gist of it was the IFL tried to blackmail agent Monte Cox into re-signing Ben Rothwell by threatening to drop Jay Hieron and Mike Whitehead. I gotta hand it to the IFL – this was some serious hardball, and perhaps if anyone actually gave a shit about the IFL Grand Prix it might have worked. But I’m pretty sure Ben Rothwell is more interested in making more than 20k a fight, and it’s not like Monte Cox doesn’t have bookings falling out his ass for his guys. So yeah … no dice.

A big favorite of most people talking about this story is the fact that the IFL tried to get Jay Hieron to sign a contract in the back seat of a car:

Then the next day Keith Evans calls Hieron and tells him they need to meet. So they go meet and drive off and Hieron calls me and says, “You’re not going to believe this. I just went for a ride with the IFL and they tried to get me to sign a contract in the back of their car. They said that ‘Monte wasn’t doing a good job and he’s not handling things properly and you need to sign this thing and you need to do it now.'”

Hieron said “I’m not doing anything without my manager” and he didn’t do it. Then he called me. I’m like, what is the IFL, is this the Sopranos now? So I had them FAX me the contract and I looked at the contract. It was the same contract I had already approved. I already said we’d do this. So I went “Jay, it’s a good contract. I’d sign it.” So Jay signed the contract.

The car thing is amusing I suppose, but my favorite part of all this is how lame the IFL are at being bad guys. First off, the whole threat to Monte was that Hieron wouldn’t get to fight in the Grand Prix if Rothwell didn’t sign. So if that’s the leverage, why the fuck did they try to sneak around and sign Hieron on their own? And with the same contract Monte already agreed to! Are these guys retarded?

This is pretty shitty for the IFL because even though we all knew they were stupid and going bust, at least we thought they were the nice guys. I’ve rooted for them over the past year like I rooted for that kid with down’s syndrome who tried to run that marathon. Sure he didn’t make it more than half a click before pissing his track pants, but damn if he wasn’t kind and gentle and all that shit. Now the secret is out of the bag: when push comes to shove, the IFL is just as evil as the UFC. They’re just a lot worse at it.

  • kentyman says:

    Kind and gentle? Ever been hugged by one? I think one of my eyes popped out of its socket.

  • kentyman says:

    I guess that still classifies as kind.

  • Jonathan says:

    They remind me of that Alltel commercial where all the other carriers are played by geeks and they threaten to beat a guy if with a sock full of wood screws…

    And don’t they know that Jay Hieron has more money then they do? Seriously, his family is SUPER loaded…I am talking like MTV Cribs loaded here. Very successful construction company.

  • garth says:

    that’s a weird story. who picked the flying monkeys that run MMA right now anyways? Are there any grownups involved?

  • kermit_01 says:

    Any kind of business like this has to be run by someone willing to rip off someones fighternails to get the job done. You don’t get to be number one by giving your fighters everything they want and spending money with out focus. I think Dana has done a fantastic job bringing MMA mainstream. Because of him you have MMA promotions springing up anywhere people can find space to setup a cage.

    Dana maybe a ruthless when it comes to some of his business pratices, but he is the man running the TOP MMA Organzation in the world right now, so love him or hate him, what he does works. Where else are you going to fight and become as well known, and why people bitch about paydays in the UFC and fighters from TUF series only making 40k a year to start you have to remember that most of them likely didn’t make 40k a year prior, and its just enough money to allow them train full time and fight.

  • RoB says:

    “I’m about to make you a offer you can’t refuse” click click. thats pretty low

  • hbdale309 says:

    I heard Gareb Shamus got a part in the upcoming “Hobbit” movie. He’ll be playing Frodo’s cousin, Douche Baggins.

  • kentyman says:

    I thought it was Dildo T. Baggins.