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It’s D-Day for Sherk and Baroni

If you’ve just emerged from living under a rock for the past 9 months, here’s what’s up: Sean Sherk tested positive for nandrolone and Phil Baroni tested positive for a delicious cornucopia of various steroids. Both were suspended for a year, and today they’re getting a hearing in front of the CSAC. Well, they’re getting ANOTHER hearing. Both fighters have already appeared in front of the CSAC and they filed a motion to delay their hearings to ‘gather more evidence’.

The case is pretty stacked against both fighters. For Sherk, the best defense he’ll be able to muster is proving he unknowingly took nandrolone through supplements. Keith Keizer from the NSAC said the only way a fighter can be cleared in those conditions is if the supplement is on an ‘approved supplement’ list and batch tests confirmed it was tainted. Not fucking likely in this case, considering Sherk was ingesting over 30 different types of supplements a week.

For Baroni, I have no idea what his defense is gonna be, but he and his agent did sound like they had all sorts of evidences and such to prove he was innocent. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens there. Baroni’s prospects look even worse than Sherk’s, though. While both are pretty much guaranteed to be found guilty, at least Sherk is going to walk out with a reasonable excuse for his accidental doping.

But one thing is for sure: if Sherk’s assface lawyer tries to get another extension and delays this any more, I’m gonna flip my goddamn lid. I honestly couldn’t give much of a shit either way what happens here … I just want the lightweight belt out of limbo. And since Dana White seems unwilling to strip his good buddy till the CSAC makes their final decision, it better be sooner rather than later.

  • jd says:

    I will definitely lose it if they extend this damn thing again.

  • Frank says:

    This is legal mumbo jumbo. If sean sherk had an ounce of decency he’d do the same thing Royce did, admit you used it and say: “I used it, I got caught. Suprise, suprise, pro athletes ALL use steroids, I just didn’t screen this cycle as I should have.” It’s irresponsible and unprofessional to hold a belt in a division only to be (almost certainly) convicted of doping. Sherk is a DICK because the belt contenders need to work up for the fight. He’s a BIGGER DICK and a FAN FUCKER for depriving UFC fans of Lightweight title fights. If I was a fan of Sean Sherk before, I’m not anymore.

  • Stirling says:

    That’s not what Royce said. Royce said he didn’t want to go the trouble of defending himself in court, so he never contested the suspension.

    At least Sherk put his money (lawyer fees) where his mouth is.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Sean Sherk is a borefest, just like all the other guys with similar styles, like Joe Stevenson, Matt Hughes et cetera.

  • MJC_123 says:

    Would be good if Sherk was made to fight Baroni and the winner gets cleared.
    If I was in charge that would happen

  • Xavier says:

    Royce did not admit using steroids. You are a dumb.

    Watch TSN’s interview with him. Royce is a dumb too.