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It’s Anderson vs Chael 2

Word from El Baldo Presidente del UFC is that Chael Sonnen WILL get an immediate rematch against Anderson Silva. Dana dropped the news during a Sportscenter interview while promoting UFC 118 this weekend.

“Yeah, I think that’s the fight that fans want to see,” White said when asked about a Sonnen-Silva rematch. “The way that I see my job is my job is to give the fans what they want. I think that’s the fight they want to see. We got some interesting fights in that division. Vitor Belfort is still out there. I’m looking towards the Chael Sonnen rematch. Yes.”

The ‘when’ of it all is still up in the air since Anderson is still suffering from that rib injury which may or may not have had everything to do with Sonnen almost beating him. The general commission suspension list has him out for 6 months or until an x-ray shows his ribs are healed (if they were ever cracked or whatever in the first place). The UFC has pegged ‘late 2010 / early 2011’ for the fight. Sooooooo yeah, it’s happening ‘next’, whenever that is.

In other Anderson Silva-related news, this rematch means Vitor Belfort is going to get to actually fight a fight at middleweight before taking on the champ. He tweeted a week ago that he’d be returning in November (maybe at 123 alongside Machida vs Rampage), and it should be interesting to see if the UFC puts him up against a dumb slugger like Chris Leben or someone who’s liable to use their brains and wrestle him out of a title shot.

(pic via Natural Born Comic’s Sonnen vs Silva comic)