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It sounds like 205 for Chael Sonnen

After UFC 148, everyone wondered what would be next for Chael Sonnen. Some speculated he might retire (because that’s a great idea after finally clawing your way up to making millions per fight). Others thought the obvious answer was moving to light heavyweight for a run there. When asked if he’d pull a Kenny and quest for titles in whatever weightclass he could or Rich it up by taking fights in whatever weightclass would make him the most money, Chael said:

“I’m not after the second one and I think Rich Franklin has done an awesome job I love watching him fight he had a great match with Wanderlei Silva but that’s not for me. I’m in this purely for the championship and if I don’t have a clear road to the title, I’m going to move on.”

He followed that up by implying the UFC was already floating potential opponents for him at 205, so this sounds very much like a done deal. The only questions left now is who he’ll face and how long he’ll take to move up. GSP always said he’d need like a year plus to comfortably size up into a new weightclass, and that’s with a properly functioning set of gonads. We all know how Mr Sonnen loves shortcuts, though. It wouldn’t surprise me if Chael’s back by the end of 2012 … is even more muscled and acne covered than before.

  • TheBatmanFan says:


    I hate to shatter 12 year olds world bubbles
    (J/K, I love it!!!!!),

    but Chael wasn’t even a good 185.

    He started out as a meh 205, before he dropped to a remake as a meh 185.

    And luckily for Chael Sonnen there was a career to be had as a non challenge to zuffas hood ornament in a glass case…