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It looks like it’s probably Vitor Belfort

It looks like they’re picking the only dude with both a teensy tiny chance of beating Fedor and enough name recognition to keep whoever manages Affliction’s finances from hanging themselves with their tie. From MMA Junkie: ( has since learned from sources close to the negotiations that middleweight Vitor Belfort (18-8) has verbally agreed to the bout, and negotiations are currently in progress to finalize the financial terms of the deal.

Should Belfort’s management and Affliction officials agree to terms, an official announcement is expected to be made sometime today.

As much as I’m feeling a bit of dissapointment that something insane didn’t happen (Tito growing a pair, Mirko tearing up his UFC contract), I will say that Vitor Belfort is an acceptable replacement. His flashes of brilliance are bright enough that I can say “He’s got a small chance” without laughing out loud … which is about all we can ask for in a situation like this.