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It goes both ways

Yeah, Michael Bisping is coming off as a total cock lately. He can’t control the way the judges decided, but he could have at least acted a bit gracious after his win. On the other hand, people are giving Matt Hamill a pass, even when his corner went into the post-event press conference and mocked Bisping:

As soon as UFC UK president Marshall Zelaznik opened the floor to questions, a British reporter asked Bisping if he felt he had won.

White, who said he felt Hamill won the fight two rounds to one, said he was told the man questioning Bisping was not a reporter, but rather a Hamill cornerman.

But instead of brushing it off and saying he felt he won and moving on, Bisping took a more unbecoming posture.

“Of course,” Bisping said in an aggressive tone, which was much different than his witty, light-hearted persona in the days leading up to the fight. “Why would you talk to me like that?”

The questioner then responded, “Seriously?” which seemed to get Bisping further agitated.

“What do you mean, seriously?” Bisping said. “Do you want to go three rounds? … Of course I won the decision. Get the (expletive) out of here. Get that smile off your face.”

And then Bisping made an obscene gesture.

Hey, I’m all for calling a dick a dick, but it goes both ways. Bisping is a sore winner for refusing to admit the decision was at least close. But Hamill is a sore loser for letting a cornerman talk shit like that at the post-fight press conference. This whole debacle is just bringing out the worst in everyone.

**UPDATE** It turns out that the person in the crowd wasn’t a Hamill cornerman, making the whole point of this post even more pointless than before! The questions were actually asked by Oliver Copp, a freelance employee for Zuffa who does the German commentating on UFC DVDs. I’m perfectly happy to admit my mistakes but I would like to mention that i’m Fight*linker*, my commentary is only as correct as the news it’s based on. Silly me trusting something Kevin Iole writes.

  • garth says:

    damn, that is shitty. what’s the deal with that? did the guy just wander in of his own accord, or was he sent? that’s a big difference.

  • kentyman says:

    I have much less respect for Bisping than Hamill in this case. Hamill wasn’t necessarily aware of or behind his cornerman’s actions.

  • garth says:

    actually, upon further thought, this is fuckin hilarious… you’re cornering your guy, you’ve been training your ass off for this fight, and you get, you feel, completely jobbed. you’re sitting around afterwards doing press and generally moping and grumping, and you notice that there’s a press conference going on with the guy you just watched be a complete and total dick to your guy. So you sidle in and take the piss a bit. I would have done it, but I’m kind of an asshole. Plus, I think that Count Douche is a huge jackass who deserves to be mocked. It all fits if you know the context.

  • I’m sure Hamill said “I didn’t hear anything about it” nyuk nyuk.

  • MJC_123 says:

    Hamill spoke shit about Bisping for ages “your not the ultimate fighter 3 winner”, “I could beat you” blah blah….throw some shapes with your hands whatever…

    Now that Bisping won a close decision the net start cryin becuase fighters are getting angry….Jeez who’d have thought they of all people have a temper.

  • teh says:

    The reports also said that the guy who asked Bisping that was British, and I don’t think Hamill’s cornermen were limeys.

  • Rory says:

    “But Hamill is a sore loser for letting a cornerman talk shit like that at the post-fight press conference. ”

    Hamill let his cornerman talk shit like that? How do you know? Sounds like a pretty big stretch.

  • I agree Rory, it might be a stretch to say Hamill condoned it. The issue here is even if you’re confident you won a fight you can give people props for putting up a fight. There is no way this fight was clearly a win for Bisping so to say that is pretty ignorant in my opinion.

  • jazzn says:

    Oh come on. Hamill is not responsible for what some other guy said. After the fight he was a good sport saying “he won it fair and square”. He behaved decently after the fight which is the real test of character. They all talk shit pre fight.

    Bisping on the other hand acted like the kid who got caught with his hand in the candy jar. Totally on the defensive which makes it totally obvious to any parent of a 6 year old that he is feeling very insecure about the win and so he should be.

  • Look, if you go to a UFC and your cornerman punches some guy in the face, you’re gonna get in shit for it because he’s part of your team.

  • kentyman says:

    Don’t get me wrong, they’re both douches. I just think right now Bisping is winning on douchebaggery somewhere around, I dunno, 29-28.

  • garth says:

    punching someone in the face is a far cry from giving the business to an opponent acting as much the twat as bisping was. Hamill behaved himself pretty damn graciously, as far as i saw.

  • Haha well played Kenyman. Here’s how i score the douchbaggery:

    Round 1 goes to Bisping for acting like he’d smashed Hamill.
    Round 2 goes to Hamill because while Bisping was rude during the conference, it was because one of Hamill’s guys basically mocked him. So in Elementary school teacher style, I punish Hamill’s crew for starting it.
    Round 3 still to come, we’ll see who wins.

  • Get in shit yeah but just how far does it go with regards to fighters being responsible for what their cornermen say or do. I think that is a responsibility of the cornermen to stay in line or the UFC is not going to let them do it again. The fighter might get scolded but I doubt he’d receive any punishment.

  • Terrence Halladay says:

    there is only one place that is suggesting it was one of hamill’s cornermen who said that, and its kevin iole repeating something that dana white told him, that dana white could have just made up. every other news outlet is just saying that bisping was abusive and/or rude towards the media at the post press conference.

  • Fuck … it’s annoying that MMA news coverage is so shitty that even when I quote a ‘professional journalist’ who himself is quoting Dana White, you never know if it’s true or not. Fucking great state of affairs.

  • Tommy says:

    Mayweather didn’t get in trouble when his uncle tried to floor Zab, fightlinker. I thought Hamill was humble after the fight and who knows if his cornerman had ‘permission’ to speak out like that. A little off topic I’d like to know who chose “Born in the USA” as his entry song? Seem like a slap in the face to me and for what.

  • kentyman says:

    I heard Hamill listens to that before every fight to pump himself up.

  • kentyman’s officially on fire today. Nothing but net with all yer comments.

  • Matt says:

    Im just going to say fuck all the drama and wait for the soon to come re-match.. If Biping wins and talks shit afterwards he should have to fight Soko next. The cornerman shit isn’t really a big deal. Imagine if Hammill was your fighter you would be pissed too.

  • Andrej says:

    Matt Hamill deserved to loose. He had plenty of chances to end the fight but he settled to play it safe. You can’t trust it to the judges decision. Not when the fight is that close. Matt Hamill screwed up plain and simple.

  • kentyman says:

    Sure, Hamill deserved to lose for not finishing the fight, but Bisping deserved to lose even more for not finishing the fight and LOSING MORE ROUNDS, concurrently.

    I agree that a fighter Can’t Truss It to the judges’ decision, but the fans sure as hell better be able to or they’ll sour and start watching badminton instead.

  • I will let you in on something…. the ‘Hamill cornerman’ who questioned Bisping was none other than Oliver Copp.

    Oliver is a German magazine editor, and commentator for the German-released UFC DVDs. So in effect, a freelancer employed by Zuffa.

  • anderson says:

    if bisping stays at 205 i’d love to see houston alexander launch this guy into the fucking ether… would be interesting to me what kind of shit he could talk without teeth, but being english i guess he’s been doing that the whole time.

  • Erik says:

    I’m a swede living in asia, and I have no preference on the fighters. I’ve also been a fan since the early first ufc’s and I do train a (little) bit.

    When I watched the fight the first time, I was as stunned of the decision as anyone – I couldn’t believe it. However, today I read the judges reasons, rewatched the second round (in general, everyone seems to agree rd1 to hamill, rd3 to bisping).
    I have to say I changed my opinion and I can agree with giving it to Bisping. Yes, he backpedals most of the round (and looks scared and weak, while Hamill advances fearlessly like the terminator), but Bispings counterpunches connect way more than Hamill’s (which ALL of them misses, look again!). Yes, Hamill gets two takedowns, neither is very impressive and he does nothing with them (except a few weak punches) while Bisping does have the fairly active guard AND gets up and stands up after both (which should nullify some of the “benefit” of the takedown in a scoring system).
    Actually it is kinda relieving that this is not yet another bout that is decided by the wrestlers ability to just score a takedown and human-blanket the fighter from the top (which has ruined far more fights on the scoring card!). So in retrospect I have to say I am pleased with the two judges decision to give round 2 to Bisping. I can’t see anything besides octagon control and 2 crappy takedowns in favor of Hamill.
    I think people’s perception of the bout has been clouded by the commentators and Bispings and Hamills body language, props to the judges for NOT falling for that or the takedowns. Unfortunately, too many UFC fights in the past has been decided on the takedown issue giving much advantage to purebred wrestlers. What crap the british judge was on scoring all three rounds for Hamill I have no clue…

    This does not change the fact that Bisping’s ungracious comments and attitude put me off him (he was lucky to survive it) and that Hamill gained me as a new fan due to his heart, his fearlessness and graciousness in defeat (even though I agree he lost).

  • Tommy says:

    I have to agree with you Erik. I must even admit I got caught up as well watching it the first time and have since changed my mind. Doesn’t matter what we think though. We should ask Randy Couture, if fact when he retires next time he should start his own show, ‘Ask Randy’ or ‘The Natural Says’ or whatever.