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It ain’t gonna be Lashley vs Fedor

Just a little assurance for you people who are considering blowing your heads off since hearing that Bobby Lashley might replace Josh Barnett against Fedor: Lashley’s manager has said he’s not being considered and Lashley had this to say about the potential fight:

“I don’t know if I would want it right now. Since the last fight, I haven’t really been into training again,” he said. “That fight is next week. That would be something I would really have to take a look at. To just jump in there probably wouldn’t be the smartest thing for me right now. A lot of people would say that might be a money fight. They figure, ‘If we give him enough money, will he do it?’ That’s what people tend to look at. I don’t want to get into fighting for the money so much right now.”

Wow, a fighter who realizes that getting mauled by Fedor isn’t exactly a lofty career goal. Call Ripley’s. And thank baby Jesus in his little manger full of straw and goats for that, because it’s one of those fights that is so uncompetitive that it’s not even worth watching. Unfortunately for Affliction, that list starts with Bobby Lashley and apparently goes all the way up to guys with names like Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski. So who the fuck should they get???