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Isn’t Matt Hamill a wrestler or something?

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: Wrestler learns some striking skills, refuses to use his wrestling any more, and lameness ensues. I’m not saying Matt Hamill’s striking is terrible. Considering that it USED to be terrible, I’d say it’s pretty damn sweet now. But watching him rely exclusively on his striking while ignoring his wrestling is like watching someone try to eat soup with a fork. It’s fucking stupid.

Still, my initial impression of this matchup was that Hamill and Andy were pretty similar, except Hamill was better at everything. That’s pretty much how things played out. Hamill pawed his way through the first round before letting his hands go in the second, wasting Andy with some great uppercuts and bodyshots. But still – like you saw when he faced off with Rich Franklin – he’s gonna have to start using ALL his skills if he wants to cut it against higher level opponents.

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