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Ishii resurfaces in New Zealand

Here’s former great hope of Japanese MMA Satoshi Ishii trying to put his new career together in New Zealand against kickboxer Tafa ‘Thumper’ Misipati over the weekend. Ishii obviously has a ways to go before he’ll live up to a smidge of the hype his arrival originally heralded, but hey – on the positive side he pulled off a judo throw and got a submission easy enough.

This is his second fight since his deep end debut/loss against Yoshida, but the first win that counts since the other (a keylock in the first round over amateur Sasae Paogofie) was technically an exhibition match. No word yet on when Ishii will be comfortable enough with his skills to return to Japan, or if there’ll even be enough of an MMA scene left over there for anyone to really care when he does.