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Is Velasquez gonna get his title shot in Mexico?

It doesn’t mean much to me either way since I’m stuck on the wrong side of the American border for this particular story, but you have to appreciate the simple elegance of this prospective plan for both Cain Velasquez and Mexico City:

And where might Velasquez’s next fight take place? Earlier this week UFC President Dana White confirmed the company is aiming for an April date in Mexico City. Velasquez-Lesnar or Velasquez-Carwin for the heavyweight title would qualify as a high-profile bout, perhaps even just the kind of fight White promised he would book for the promotion’s planned forays into new markets.

“That would be a dream for me to be there and to fight there,” said a beaming Velasquez, clearly relishing the thought of fighting in the land of his ancestors.

The last thing I want to do is suggest a course of action that could fuck up this easy swoosh of a main event, but could we have one more Velasquez fight before he gets a shot at the belt? Firstly, because April is six long months away and secondly because I refuse to accept that win over Ben Rothwell as an acceptable lead-up. Call me old fashioned, but I was raised to believe that Mario saves the princess, only straight people get to ruin the sanctity of marriage, and title fights should be earned with a bang, not a whimper. And certainly not with some bullshit stoppage from Steve Mazzagatti.