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Is UFC83 really moving or is Steve Sievert just dumb?

So all the buzz today is about Steve Sievert saying UFC 83 was moving from the UK, and everyone is speculating where it’ll go! Oh the suspense … will it be Las Vegas or somewhere in California? The whatever dome versus the who gives a shit bowl?

The bigger question should be WHY they’re moving the show. WHY they committed to doing it in the UK and WHY they’ve now changed their minds. Again, this is the problem with not having a handle on all your news … now everyone gets to read 1001 different reasons into why the UFC is ducking out of the UK. Too expensive? No good headlining fight? Moving the event to the US and showing it on network TV?

So many possibilities. But here’s a possibility for you: Steve Sievert is fucking wrong. This isn’t official news people, this is news from an anonymous source. And while Steve’s source is saying UFC83 has moved, other more reliable sources are reporting that the UFC continues to sign UK and European fighters to participate on the card.

So hmmm. Who to believe? But yeah, I just wanted to remind you all that you’ve just swallowed a pretty big hook from the guy who also announced that Sean Sherk wasn’t going to be stripped of his lightweight belt. Think about that for a bit.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    They could be moving it to Australia.

    Just a thought.

  • drewdoodoo says:

    I read Manchester has a soccer match that day and they don’t think folks will show for the fights.

  • Stellar53 says:

    I read that Elite XC is having a show that same day and the UFC is afraid compete against them…

  • Newcastle has a soccer match on Saturday, and they draw 45000 people on a bad day. Football doesn’t concern them at all.

    It’s very, very simple why UFC 83 isn’t happening in the UK.

  • and lol @ UFC being afraid of EliteXC.

    There is a Cage Rage going on the same day in London, as is a BIG boxing event between David Hayes and Enzo Macarinelli, but the UFC went up against CR last year in the UK and still sold out the MEN Arena

    The rumours around this story have been really entertaining

  • operator says:

    Way to pat yourself on the back there Fightlinker.

  • fightfan says:

    Somethign jsut doesnt seem right. UFC 82 on March 1 and then in 1 week UFC 83???

    Does Dana really need to try and show up other organizations?? There is a Cage Rage event and big boxing match on same night. And now I am hearing a soccer match???

    Since it is the 2nd event in a week, I think it is Dana White trying to act like he can do anything. i am curious to see how this plays out

  • Dana said during the call last week that they were still finalizing the date and venue so the change won’t be all that surprising if it’s confirmed. The why doesn’t really matter all that much. This has UFC 78 all over it.

  • Xavier says:

    Yeah, if they’re moving it, it’s because of the date. They can’t run a PPV two weeks in a row. That’s just dumb.

  • BoshyClaus says:

    They should have it in Dubai. Event name should be Jihad.

  • goo says:

    PM: Why was UFC 83 cancelled?

    DW: We never really announced, “UFC 83 in Manchester.” We were talking about going to Manchester for UFC 83 but we decided not to. It wasn’t cancelled.

  • ricc27uk says:

    I have heard that UFC83 will be at Manchester UK early March. The football game at either Man Utd or Man City would not effect any attendance levels. The games would K.O at 1500hours so would be no problem.

  • justin says:

    they are moving it to canada (montreal) it’s george saint piere’s time to shine in front of his home crowed dana white is just keeping his word he said if george won the title back his next fight would get to be at home.