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Is this what ‘Mainstream’ is all about? has a poll on their main page asking which sports event people are most excited about at the moment. A year ago it would have been mindblowing for the UFC to even be included in this kind of poll. Now not only is the UFC on the poll, but it’s currently WINNING the poll. Not too shabby huh? Now we just have to wait and see if all the new fans end up dropping the IQ of the general MMA community to a new low or not.

  • intenso says:

    “We’re taking over. We’re taking over boxing. We’re taking over pro wrestling. We’re taking over water polo, baseball, basketball, dune buggy driving…”

    “well I think you’ve got water polo but I don’t know if you’ll catch basketball.”

    “naw, we can’t catch basketball, they be dunkin.”

    -Rampage on ESPN