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Is the UFC thinking about a second women’s division?

Is the UFC thinking about a second women’s division?

My three favorite sources for WMMA news are Wombat Sports, MMA Rising, and Pegson WMMA. Between the three you’ll get the skinny on all the important WMMA fights coming up and which fighters you need to be paying attention. Plus every so often you get juicy rumors like this one care of Pegson:

6 months ago I heard a rumour about after playing Miesha Tate out at 135, the UFC were considering making a 125lb division to make her relevant and cash in on popularity. Made sense to me. As Miesha is popular and can just make 125 and having two female divisions side by side means fighters could move between Both.

Then about 3 months ago I had a few people managers/agents ask about who are “the girls” at 115. I thought they meant 125 so I covered all basis and made two lists for 125 and 115 fighters that I personally deemed UFC calibre. I asked around about the rumour,  Everyone within the wmma community thought 115 in the UFC was ridiculous.  So I left it be.

About 2 weeks ago I heard another rumour from couple of peeps both slightly different rumours but both similar in the fact that ZUFFA feelers were inquiring about Women’s talent In the 115lb division.

A second women’s division makes sense … a year from now or so. While I’m on board this WMMA train with a conductor’s hat tooting the fucking horn, the general population is still getting used to seeing women on UFC cards. And it’s so early in the whole process! The first women’s fight only happened in February, and September marks the first major expansion of the division with the debut of women on TUF (assuming they keep non-finalists around).

But when expansion inevitably does happen, I hope they choose 115 instead of 125. The UFC revolutionized combat weight classes by cutting the typical number of divisions in half. They’ve gone a bit off this path with the lighter weight classes, and you’re seeing a lot more guys jumping up and down because of it. Having a women’s 115 and 135 class keeps you from having a division that exists solely for fighters that can’t hack it at 135 and instead opens the doors up to all the promising smaller talent that legitimately need their own weight class to compete.