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Is the CSAC nailing fighters on technicalities?

Here’s an interesting article sourced from an asian site that delves a little deeper into the situation with Hong Man Choi’s medicals for the K1 Dynamite shows:

However, Choi was denied a license for medical reasons by the California Athletic Commission after it found a tumor in his head. They also found blood stains on it.

And here’s the kicker: One of K1’s japanese heads is saying they are ready to file suit over the situation:

Jeong Yeon-soo, the CEO of the Korean branch office of FEG, the organizer of K-1, said, “He knew about the tumor. It’s not that big. Most giants have this disease. It wasn’t a problem when he fought in Korea or Japan.”

Jeong said, “The MRI test on Choi Hong Man didn’t go well. There was no MRI equipment that fit the size of his head, so he had to do an external MRI. The low definition of the image caused the blood stains to appear.”

He went on to say that when he had an MRI scan at two other hospitals in California, the results came out fine. Nonetheless, the California Athletic Commission did not look at them.

Jeong said, “Lesnar had medical check-ups from hospitals not designated by the California Athletic Commission and passed his physical. So not accepting Choi’s is discrimination.” He said that he might file suit or seek all measures necessary to overturn the decision.

So here’s the question: Is the CSAC being reasonable with it’s medical requests? It’s fun to imagine that the guys at K1 are total idiots who don’t know how to throw an event, but could it be possible that the CSAC is actively fucking over K1 by denying fighters on every single technicality they can find? The tumor has been in Hong Man Choi’s brain his entire life and is the reason he’s 7 feet tall. If K1 is telling the truth about the ‘blood spots’ being a result of a low quality MRI, then why won’t the CSAC relent?

Remember, the CSAC has a history of fucking over lots of people in the past. These are the guys who:

  • Suspended Brian Ebersole and Shannon Ritch indefinately for ‘working a fight.’ The proof? Ebersole showboated and did a cartwheel during the match.
  • Suspended Josh Thompson 6 months for wearing a t-shirt that said “Frank Glamrock is my bitch”
  • Suspended Joe Martin 6 months for unsportsmanlike conduct. No one is really sure what the fuck happened here, but everyone agrees it’s bullshit

This is just a partial list off the top of my head. So while I’m pretty sure there’s no deep dark conspiracy in all this, I don’t doubt that the CSAC is being less than helpful and reasonable with K1.

UPDATE: I originally accused the CSAC of overturning Nick Diaz’s win against Takanori Gomi. In truth this was the NSAC. Damn bloggers and their irresponsible accusations!

  • Asa says:

    Maybe its payback for taking so damn long with the f**king paperwork. Who doesn’t know someone at the office who would give you hell-and-a-half for waiting till the last minute to do something so elaborate?

  • Yep, my bet is they’re doing just enough to get their cut of the gate but past that punishing K1 brutally.

  • Ryan says:

    I thought Gomi-Diaz was in Las Vegas, and Tony Allamo was the fucktard responsible.

  • Hey, shit. You’re right. I’ve updated the story to remove the accusation that the CSAC was responsible for Nick Diaz’ win being switched to No Contest.

  • luffy says:

    The CSAC cancelled a mma show of mine in May of 2005. Totally shady deal. A long story short, Garcia denies ever meeting me in LA thefore dismissing him and his aids for misplacing crucial paperwork that I personally flew to LA to place in his slimy fingers. Needless to say this cost me A LOT of money. The CSAC is out of blindly out of control from the $ from ZUFFA.

  • tumor says:

    What kind of tumor is it (unless you expect us to believe their is only one kind)?

  • Luffy, that’s nuts! With the latest news that Ruediger is off the card for *MENTAL ISSUES*, I think it’s pretty obvious the CSAC is out of control.

    Tumor, here’s the specifics. I mentioned them in a past article but it’s foolish of me to expect people to read the entire site (although you should, it’s wicked entertaining!):
    Choi Hong Man failed his medical check because of a growth either in his brain or right below it. The growth, coincidentally is located right next to his pituitary gland! Choi Hong Man has known about this tumor for several years, and it is the reason he is so large … he has a condition called acromegaly! That means pressure on the pituitary gland results in excessive production of human growth hormone (HGH) resulting in extreme growth.