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Is Strikeforce the next to die?

Midsy points out my main concern now that Fedor has signed with Strikeforce:

However, we don’t yet know the financial terms of the deal between Strikeforce and M-1, and that means it’s possible that Fedor will change the game for Strikeforce in another sense: He may have just blown up their business model. Strikeforce boss Scott Coker has always been smart about signing fighters to contracts that make sense financially, and organizations like Affliction that overpay for Fedor and other fighters quickly find out that you can’t beat the UFC by out-spending the UFC. If Strikeforce and Showtime are guaranteeing Fedor seven-figure paydays for every fight, they might discover that Fedor isn’t a big enough draw to recoup that money in ticket sales and Showtime subscriptions.

One thing (really the only thing) that was made clear so far about the Fedor deal was that he’d be appearing on Strikeforce / M-1 Global co-promoted events. So if co-promotion really means sharing half the costs and half the losses, then perhaps everything will be fine. But call me old fashioned … I don’t trust them red commie bastards with their beady dead eyes. Promotions just have a bad habit of going tits up when Fedor is involved.

But in the end I’m happy with Fedor fighting anywhere, because it’s better than having to deal with the constant tidal waves of bullshit that roll across the MMA landscape whenever he’s a free agent. It’s hard not to feel a touch of concern for Strikeforce though … I get the feeling we’re supposed to be celebrating, but instead I feel like I just learned they might have the AIDS.