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Is Showtime’s Ken Hershman on his way out?

It’s been six days since the UFC bought Strikeforce and we still haven’t heard a peep from their new TV partners Showtime about what they think of the situation. The Showtime question is pretty much the biggest question in the whole sale: do they want to work with the UFC? Or will they ride out the remainder of their contractual obligations and cut ties ASAP?

One big player in all this is Ken Hershman, the general manager of Showtime Sports and regular Strikeforce meddler. To say he and Dana White don’t get along ” target=”_blank”>is an understatement, and it’s this kind of clash of egos that could lead the premium cable network to see this deal as bad news rather than a good opportunity.

Fortunately, it sounds like Hershman may not be in a position to get in the way of a good working relationship. Here’s Kevin Iole, who knows what he’s talking about at least when it comes to the world of boxing:

“As far as Showtime and CBS, Zuffa is going to evaluate that and take a look and see how it goes. It’s no secret that Dana is not crazy about some of the Showtime people, most notably Ken Hershmen. There have been however a lot of strong rumors that Ken is going to be moving out of the fighting realm and into the legal end of things and we might not see him in that role much longer. And that’s been rumored to go on for a while, much longer than this purchase so I don’t think they would definitely be related.”

It would be interesting timing for Hershman to go considering he just pulled off a coup stealing Manny Pacquiao out from under HBO, but who knows … him leaving might be his own choice or even considered a promotion or something. Whatever the case, I’d hope that whoever comes in has the fucking good sense to recognize an amazing opportunity when they see one.