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More details are emerging regarding MMA fighter Ibragim Todashev’s connection to Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev. CNN has this interesting detail:

Todashev and Tsarnaev were acquainted through a mixed martial arts center near Boston, said a source briefed on the bombing investigation.

In Orlando, an FBI team is reviewing the circumstances of the shooting, a procedure that follows any FBI shooting.

Todashev had an impending flight from Orlando, via New York and Moscow, to Chechnya, when investigators sought to interview him, according to a source briefed on the ongoing investigation. He was told not to take the flight, the source said.

Details emerged Wednesday about how Todashev had Tsarnaev’s phone number in his cell phone, said the source.

Both men were members of the mixed martial arts forum, along with Russian-Canadian boxer-turned-jihadist William Plotnikov, the source said.

Expect a bunch of White Belts to show up on over the next few days asking questions in the Wasteland like “So, how about that Allah?” and “Man, I am so sick of the imperialist pigs of America. Amirite???” It’s worth noting though that Todashev isn’t technically a terrorist yet – just a run of the mill murderer. Unless anyone foreign doing anything bad = terrorism, which kinda seems to be where we’re heading.

  • kvelertakRebellionMedia says:

    The UFC is fucked! Waiting til the union gets on this. haha

  • PennIsMightier says:

    funny sentiment, but i’m sure they had several websites in common. Not everyone on Facebook is a terrorist. Or myspace depending on the age of the jihadists.

  • glassjawsh says:

    This is like a Bloody Elbow article…

    except that this post is funny and I don’t resent you for writing it.

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  • agentsmith says:

    ^ Bullshit, you’re telling me burglars work 7 days a week? Something tells me they don’t have that kind of work ethic.