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Is Sakuraba fighting at DREAM.2?

(sorry about the horrific picture, but it’s hard to find images of Sakuraba where he’s not beaten half to death)

The only problem with people like Suki translating Japanese stuff into English is there tends to be a lot that gets lost in translation. From Yushin Okami’s mis-represented statement about Americans tapping fast to the whole Nakao / Yakuza thing, there’s a lot of expressions and humor that’s lost between the languages.

Latest up is Sakuraba’s joke about a scab on his leg keeping him from fighting in the DREAM middleweight tourney:

Kazushi Sakuraba showed up in “Shukan Shonen Sunday 50th Anniversary, UT Festival” in UT STORE HARAJUKU. After the event, he was asked if he participate in the middleweight tournament. He had said the same thing what he said in front of the audience in DREAM on Mar 15. “I got a small scab on my leg which was till bleeding, so I won’t fight in the tournament. I want to fight in April though”. A person who is close to him told press that he will announce his intentions at the opening party of his MMA gym, Laughter7.

Appropriately enough, Saku’s new gym opens on April’s Fools Day. As it stands, Sakuraba has been listed by most news outlets in Japan as fighting at DREAM 2, but the real question is if he’ll actually fight in the tournament or just in a single match. Either way, I can pretty much guarantee that the stuff he’s been saying about the ‘injured leg’ is a joke and that he will be fighting at DREAM.2 in one capacity or another.

  • megafag says:

    Watch the Funaki fight, his knee brace starts getting spotted with blood. Everybody keeps saying it’s a joke or that the “scab” is Akiyama, but maybe he’s just not healing up very well because he’s broken down and old.

  • Yeah i remember that shit. Was pretty gross

  • godzillad says:

    megafag droppin’ knowledge

  • IQFighta says:

    Though Saku’s fans all think it’s time for him to throw in the towel, I do admit that seeing the old sack in ring gives me special blood flow in the bathing suit area. I hope to see the guy fight once more, but then maybe we can all convince him to retire.

  • “I do admit that seeing the old sack in ring gives me special blood flow in the bathing suit area.”
    Fuck that was hilarious.

    Watching Saku fight is like watching an infant relative of yours playing in an adventure playground. You’re all excited for them and want to do well but at the same time every time they slip or wobble a bit, you get all worried that something bad is going to happen and their head is going to explode like an overripe watermelon.

  • kentyman says:

    Bravo, Pants, bravo.