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Is Mirko still a free agent?

According to Mirko himself (or whoever blogs for him), he’s still trying to decide what’s next in his career:

At the moment I’m still considering my options about where and who I’m going to fight next. My goal is to fight top competitors and there are some people that I really want to see in the opposite corner. I don’t forget certain statements but I’m definitely not going to base my career on delivering those people what they deserve. I want new challenges, I want to be the best and I know I can still do it.

I plan on having three fights this year and I won’t be looking for a warm-up fight. I don’t need to prove myself all over again to me or to the people that I care about, but I definitely need to show those people who counted Cro Cop out already that they were terribly wrong! In a week or two I should be able to reveal my plans for this year so thank you for your patience.

This goes against reports that Crocop had signed a new 3-fight deal with DREAM and against statements Crocop himself made last week that he was going to face off against Alistair Overeem in the summer. Then again, he also made comments earlier that he’d be fighting for the UFC again soon. So it looks like he suffers from the same disease that Tito Ortiz and Tom Atencio suffer from: Talkoutyerass Syndrome, which causes you to spout shit that has no bearing on reality whatsoever.