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Is Matt Serra prepping for retirement?

It kinda sounds like he’s planning to if he beats Hughes:

“But I also love to compete. And while I still can do it and have the hunger for it and the desire, I’m still going to do it. I’ll take it a fight at a time.”

But how much does the Hughes fight factor into the decision? Would a “TUF” title, a welterweight belt and a victory over a longtime and bitter rival be enough to call it a wrap on his career?

“I’m putting a lot on this fight,” Serra said. “I want that notch in my belt. In the future there are guys like GSP and Matt Hughes, who I’m sure are going to be hall-of-famers. If I get Matt Hughes under my belt and take care of him, even if I would not be considered one of the best ever, I’d have some victories over some guys who will be.

“I can live with that.”

Serra has a funky back that not only caused this whole retarded delay with the Hughes fight, it almost finished his career. So at this point it wouldn’t surprise me if he gives it one last shot at greatness and if he beats Hughes, that is that. Because really, what else could Serra accomplish? He’s too small to hang at welterweight and too lazy to drop down to lightweight. He’s not going to hold another belt, so he might as well ride off into the sunset sooner rather than later while he’s still got mojo as the dude who upset Georges St Pierre … and beat Matt Hughes?