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Is Matt Serra in proper shape?

We’ve all heard Matt Serra joking around in the weeks coming up to UFC 98 that he was a big fat peice of shit who loves his wife’s pasta too much. But there’s some truth behind all the fatty jokes – he ballooned up past 200 pounds after his GSP fight. I guess losing the belt and then fucking your back up is enough to make even a UFC fighter cry into a big tub of Oreo ice cream.

Still, it’s all good because Serra hit weight yesterday, right? Yes and no:

The UFC 98 weigh-in tested the discipline and mettle of a few fighters. Sources say Matt Serra had a difficult cut. After spending some time in the sauna during the hour before the weigh-in and arriving in the waiting area just a few minutes before hitting the scale, Serra did get to an allowable 171 pounds. Serra looked relieved when speaking with UFC president Dana White.

Keep in mind that this is Matt Serra, a dude who isn’t even a big welterweight in the first place. “Lightweight who refuses to diet” is probably the best description for him. Who knows though … perhaps this will be the beefiest strongest Matt Serra ever. Or he’ll be weak from the cut and gas out under Hughes somewhere around the second round. Guess we’ll know in a few hours!